My Exclusive Interview with the Newest Wolverine Commit, Reon Dawson

For a week or so I have been referring to a commit on the way and this evening that came to fruitition in the way of Trotwood HS CB Reon Dawson.  Reon is your ideal sleeper recruit at 6’2 185 lbs, meanwhile running a 4.4.  Reon has gone under the radar via all the large recruiting services but IMO he has the potential to be a stud, here is my interview with the newest Wolverine, Reon Dawson.

First of all welcome to the family!

-Thanks man it means a lot, I am very excited… It is truly a blessing!

Well first of all what made Michigan the right place for you, Reon?

-Well when I took my visit I truly enjoyed it , it was a tremendous experience.  Education and the background of Michigan was important to me and really made a difference.  The people in Ann Arbor truly look out for you and I love that.  I know lots of the recruits headed there and I have personal relationships with several of them.  My family pushed me to do what was best for me and I felt that came to the surface with Michigan.  A few of my friends committed elsewhere told me to do what was best for me and Michigan was in my eyes what was best for me.  The positive influences like my family really made a difference.  Also, the coaches supported me and I feel they can bring the best out in my game.

What made you decide to reopen your recruitment?

-After my performance in the state title game, the offer surfaced and it was just one of a kind.  The coaches were at the title game (Coach Mattison and Area Coordinator).  I felt Michigan was the right choice for me and I wanted to win now.  With Michigan I feel there are great days and things ahead.

What are the facets of your game that you feel as strengths?

-I have great length that god has given me and I feel I use that to my best ability.  I have great speed and tremendous ball skills.  I am a great cover corner and love the game of football.

What are some things you need to improve on?

-I feel I need to fine tune all facets of my game.  I have only been playing football for the last 3 years or so and I just started my first game week 3 of my junior season.  My major thing I  need to work on is my tackling and my footwork laterally.  I feel that after time in the weight room and gaining a greater knowledge of the defense, that I can make a great impact when it is my time.

What does it feel like to be a Wolverine?

-It is a great feeling to know that I am going to be a part of something special.  It truly is a blessing to be in this position.  I can’t thank god enough for how far I have come and my talents he has given me.

What are your goals when you get to Ann Arbor?

-I want to and WILL work as hard as I possibly can every single day so that when my number is called, I can maintain my position and be a leader.  I hope to build a good relationship with my teamates and absorb all the knowledge I can from those before me, especially the seniors.  I plan on using my skills to the best of my ability and also making a huge difference in my time at Michigan.

Do you have anything to say to the millions of Michigan fans worldwide?

-Thank you for all the support.  You guys truly are the best fans out there and I am very excited for the time ahead of us.  I hope to give back to you guys with success as I do with my major in fighting fire and giving back to the community.

Overall just from speaking to Reon you get the feel that he is genuinely happy and blessed to be a Wolverine.  He is a well spoken young man and surely fits the mold of an ideal MICHIGAN MAN.  Reon, like I mentioned has the potential to be a stud at the next level after a good trial of superb coaching.  Flying under the radar he uses that as motivation and has the utmost potential to succeed in Ann Arbor.  He follows the flow of Channing Stribling with the areas of raw talent and also his size.  Reon is a great addition to Team134 and without a doubt will show his talents on the field in the next few years! I told you guys we are on the rise and I wasn’t lying!

You can follow Bleed Blue Recruiting on Twitter @BBlueRecruiting and myself @BleedBlue_Gill . Have a great night, stay excited and as always.. GO BLUE!


2 thoughts on “My Exclusive Interview with the Newest Wolverine Commit, Reon Dawson

  1. Congrats to both Dawson & Samuelson for their commitments recently. Michigan is indeed on its way back to national relevance and contention… starting next season. The future is bright! And will be ILLUSTRIOUS on the 26th! GO BLUE!!!

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