Hello, and Welcome

Hello everyone!

My name is Brian Sakowski, and I’ll be contributing to Bleed Blue Recruiting.  I’d like to first thank Kyle for bringing me aboard, as I’ve been interested in recruiting for some time now.

This will be my first go around writing on the subject of recruiting, but as some of you are aware, my main focus on writing throughout my career has been baseball, in particular the Detroit Tigers and scouting/prospects.  You can find my work on that subject at http://www.blessyouboys.com/Detroit-Tigers-Prospect-Report.

My first piece for BBR will be debuting later this week, and it will be a several part series breaking down how I see the class of 2013 impacting Team 134, AKA the Michigan team of 2013.  I’ll do this in several parts, breaking it into who I see as “Definite Contributors”, “Possible Contributors”, “Probable Redshirts”, and “Definite Redshirts”.

Look for that series to debut on Thursday.

Again, thanks for having me, and I hope you’ll enjoy our work here


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