Quick Analysis Series: Dymonte Thomas

Before we get to the quick scouting portion of his game, let’s begin with the obvious… Dymonte Thomas is one BADASS sounding name.  Not only is his name badass but this young man is an absolute beast on the gridiron.

Dymonte Thomas is a very smart player on the field.  He has a very high football IQ for being only 17 years old.  He reads the QB’s eyes very well and can play any formation that you ask of him.  Most importantly he busts his ass every down and does he job damn well.

Dymonte has a superb combination of both speed and size.  When the ball is thrown is way, he is always behind the ball and can cut to stay with the reciever.  His speed is elusive as shown in his highlights from both sides of the ball.  If he catches the ball cleanly in the secondary, he’s taken it back the other way for 6 nearly all the time.  He can close the gaps on the field quick and can jump a route if it’s a deep bomb.  The man does NOT get beat.  AT all.

Dymonte is rather big both size and strength wise.  Once Dymonte commits to a play, he comes at you, wraps you up, and drives you back.  He has an ability to bend at the knees and keep his head up showing excellent form.  Due to his athleticism, Dymonte can make a play anyhwere on the field.  In the first minute of his defensive portion of his highlights, you take note of his hard hitting ability.  He plays in the secondary but trucks you like a middle linebacker.

Dymonte is a truly blessed and gifted athlete for a young man at such a young age.  No matter where he is on the field, offense or defense, he makes plays.  His athleticism, size, and strength are put together every down and the man most definitely utilizes it.  Throughout his whole high school career Dymonte was a playmaker and I fully expect that as a realistic happening at the next level.

4 Year Outlook

Thomas was an early enrollee so he has already begun classes in Ann Arbor.  I feel this will play huge for not only this season but also his whole career in Ann Arbor.  Thomas has the STUD potential that so many colleges search for in the defensive backfield every single year.  If injuries become a problem in the secondary in his first year, he could see a bit of time.  He projects as a SS over time and is a once in a million combination of god given ability.  More realistically he will probably redshirt his first year, but after that, the sky is the limit with this kid.  In his Jr and Sr years I could see him as an All- B1G first teamer with the potential to be an AP All American honorable after his senior season if Mattison stays those 5 years.  After that I would not be surprised to see this BEAST playing on Sundays.

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One thought on “Quick Analysis Series: Dymonte Thomas

  1. You have summed up Dymonte’s athletic abilities to the tee, those of us that personally know him already know what he brings to the field & I for one can’t wait to watch him on sundays! However, Dymonte off the field is even more impressive, and that’s why this family thinks he is special. Dymonte Thomas is a class act, one in which my 6yr old aspires to be like and I can’t think of a better role model! Michigan got the full package with this one and they will not be disappointed! We are so proud of you Dymonte!

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