Getting To Know: Kyle Berger

Kyle Berger, is a 6’2 OLB from St.Ignatius High School in Ohio.. Sound Familiar?  Well if you don’t remember.. St.Ignatius was home to Jake Ryan just a few years back, and Berger has stepped in to the role Jake held while in HS.

Berger has exploded the last week, earning offers from Michigan and Penn State, of note.  It appears as if Berger is slowly growing to be one of the Top LB prospects for Michigan in the 2014 class.

I was fortunate enough to ask Berger a few questions earlier today and here is some of his thoughts about his recruitment..

-On What Schools he has been hearing from the most… “I hear most from Ohio State, I talk to them all the time. I also have been talking to Tennessee quite a bit and also Michigan State, and just as of last week I started talking to Michigan. I can’t really say I have leaders right now just cause of the fact I’ve only visited Ohio State and don’t really have anything to compare that to.”

-Berger’s thoughts on Michigan… “I really like Coach Mattison a lot and really like the program. I watched them quite a bit this year because of Jake Ryan and I really started to like Michigan. I went to camp this last summer in Ann Arbor and I had a great time!”

-In his own words, his look on how he feels his skill set grades out and what he needs to work on… ” (laughs)  I always find this a tough question for some reason. But I would say my game involves my speed, athleticism, and my instincts. I feel I have a natural nose for the ball and I’m able to use my speed and athleticism to track the ball down. I would also say I’m a sure tackler, not so much a big hitter. I need to work on my strength and size a bit, I’m started to add weight right now and I want to continue to work a lot in the weight room to increase my strength.”

-On when he plans on making a return visit to Ann Arbor… “I plan on getting up there in the next couple weeks, it’s tough because of basketball but I’ll get up there soon. I’m actually gonna call Coach Mattison today or tomorrow and we’re going to start to try to figure that out.”

-On a possible timetable for his decision.. “I’m hoping by April or May to make a decision. I want to get it out of the way for my senior season so I can focus on helping the team win another state championship.”

Berger is a hell of a nice kid.  The kid has a great mindset both in football and life.  At this point I think it would be safe to say that Ohio State holds his interest most right now.. but If Mattison can get him on campus soon than I think that could change the game drastically.  If Berger stays true to his ideal situation of having his decision set by April, than Mattison needs to act quick.

Kyle stands out on tape and in the classroom.  He is a kid who everyone likes.  His motor is second to none as you will see in the film link from his HUDL.  Berger seems to really like Coach Mattison and that is a great step in a GREAT direction for Michigan and the 2014 class.  Keep an eye on Kyle in the next few weeks as me and him stay in touch!



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