Quick Analysis Series: Henry Poggi

Just a quick refresher of who Henry Poggi is, and what his commitment means to the University of Michigan: Poggi is a 6′-3, 255 pound defensive lineman out of Baltimore, Maryland. As of January 22nd, 2013, Poggi is ranked as the twenty-third defensive tackle in the Nation, but he is versatile enough to play anywhere on the defensive line, something Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison and Head Coach Brady Hoke will absolutely fall in love with.

Poggi possesses extremely uncanny strength for someone who is only 255 pounds, and a defensive tackle. It seems almost as if he has put together a rare combination of speed and strength, also combined with raw athleticism, Poggi could excel greatly if Mattison and Hoke put their heads together. Poggi was unreal in the Under-Amour All-American practices, and he had a nice game for himself while under the bright lights in Tampa. Poggi also gets off of blocks and sheds blocks very well, which will be nice to have, especially while facing much bigger lineman than the lineman he was facing in High School. Along with his excellent ability to shed blocks, he seems to have mastered the art of tackle for losses. Probably the most tackle for losses I’ve seen out of the commit films I have studied, which a lot comes due to his ability to shed the blocks and get into the backfield and wreak havoc. Along with the TFL’s, he will also see his fair share of sacks. It seems that Poggi was always in the backfield, always disrupting something or making the ball carrier have to make some sort of impulse decision, usually leading to big plays for his defense, something UM fans will love, especially if he can line up either next to, or in front of  standout edge-rusher, Jake Ryan.

As for being strictly a defensive lineman, that could not be farther from the truth. Poggi lines up at Fullback and Tight End, and his versatility is something that UM should covet, both from a defensive lineman standpoint, and from a player standpoint. This does nothing but increase Michigan’s athleticism, which is something they will need, especially on the defensive side of the football. Poggi really seems to have a nose for the football, plenty of pass deflections, which goes back to the athleticism he brings to the table. Pass deflections will be HUGE for the line, especially against teams that can throw the ball better such as Penn State, Ohio State, and eventually Maryland and Rutgers. Last but not least, Poggi possesses a real ability to stuff the run, especially at the goal line (Where was this during the Rich Rod era?!) I digress. He seems to be a real asset to Team 134, and hopefully more to come. His future is bright, this will be a great add to the team. His commitment will also add competition with the several defensive line commits, which will be great because of how hard everyone will work.

Poggi does have some flaws, just as every other recruit, but they aren’t as serious as many people would think. The biggest flaw seems to be his lack of wrapping up when he tackles. This could be bad, especially as a player who will be in during goal line situations, but I’m sure Mattison and Hoke will try and fix this as soon as they possibly can. He’s a big kid, but he could definitely get much larger than 255 during his time in Ann Arbor. He has raw talent, this isn’t necessarily a negative, more of an observation. If he can mold all of his abilities into one, he could be a player who possibly could play on Sundays.


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