Quick Analysis Series: Maurice Hurst Jr.

The fourth commit being broken down is defensive tackle, Maurice Hurst Jr, a 3 star recruit out of Canton Massachusetts. The first thing you notice while watching film of Hurst Jr. is that he is extremely strong, and extremely physical. It may be sort of a stretch right now, but he reminds me of former Michigan DT and current Tennessee Titan, Mike Martin. Just like a lot of the other defensive line recruits, he sheds blocks very well, and always seems to be in the backfield, or meeting the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage. He is a very big man, 6′-2, 295 pounds, and when he isn’t shedding blocks, he will be clogging up holes. This should make Michigan linebackers happy, mainly because it makes their job a lot easier if he can continue to do so. Hurst Jr. doesn’t seem to be over matched at any point on the film I’ve watched of him, so this is also a major plus for the defense. Watching him play, his play-making abilities scream “Major Upside” and that is what I see in Hurst Jr. His physicality is something coaches covet, so if he continues to grow as a football player, and continue using his physical abilities, he’s got a great shot to crack the starting lineup in his Sophomore or Junior season. I’m not 100 percent sold on the fact that he could play right away, and I’m sure most will agree with me, but down the road, he could be a great asset for Michigan and this defense. Can he play on Saturdays? Yes. Sundays? Not sure as of right now, he needs some work, but his main focus should be Saturdays for the time being.

Much like Henry Poggi, he is quick off the ball, and that skill makes it very easy for him to make plays in the backfield, and cause tackles for losses. His quickness of the ball also helps him against the lineman he is facing, this quickness makes it extremely difficult to be blocked one on one, and he could be utilized as a goal line type of player during his early years at the University of Michigan. He isn’t Henry Poggi just yet, it will take some time, and dedication, but he is a fantastic addition to the recruiting class for UM. With Hurst Jr. only being a 3 star recruit, he will go into every single game with a chip on his shoulder, and I can see him playing with a “No one thinks I can play, I’ll prove them wrong.” mentality, which also will help him, and will be huge in terms of him giving it his all every play, and not taking plays off. Hurst Jr. also has shown versatility in his film, lining up as a fullback from time to time, and boy is it fun watching 145 pound players trying to tackle him.

I don’t necessarily see Maurice playing right away, possibly redshirting his freshman year and becoming a freak in the weight room. The prime year I see him seeing significant playing time will be his Junior (potentially RS Sophomore) year. It is far away, however, his time in the weight room and time to develop will be crucial not only for himself, but for the team. His impact will be further down the road, but his future is what really matters to this defense, and I see him really turning some heads by the time he gets his diploma. He will only get stronger, and will only get better, so Michigan fans should be excited to see what he can bring to the table, myself included. He’s an intriguing commit, but one with upside to the moon. In no way should Hurst Jr. be discouraged with how he is viewed, he will get better and already is good enough to be on this team. UM will welcome him with open arms, as do I, and I’m excited to see what Maurice is going to develop into.

As always, Go Blue!


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