Getting To Know: Parrker Westphal

^ a link to his sophomore highlights.

Parrker Westphal is arguably one of the top talented recruits in the 2014 class in the secondary.  Not too mention, he is rather high on Michigan.  For a few months now, Parrker has been a top target on Michigan’s board and the interest is mutual.

At 6 ft, 175 (Scout) Parrker is a big corner who is a definite playmaker.  From watching his film, you see a few things. 1) He is a corner who knows how to tackle.  Often, a lot of top high school cornerbacks, don’t always wrap up but hitting high or low Parrker always executes in top form with his tackling.  He drives you back and wraps you up.  He also is able to make plays and hit step up in the backfield and make a TFL. 2) Parrker is very athletic.  He can make plays on both run and pass plays.  He reads the offense nicely and knows where to be on every play.

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to chat with Parrker and ask him a few questions on his recruitment.  Without further a do, here is my short interview with Parrker Westphal..

-On what schools stand out to him, “I currently have no leaders at this point.  All my offers stand out evenly.”

-His thoughts on Michigan, “It is a prestigious school, that has a strong academic program, great fanbase, and great athletic facilities.  They have ALOT to offer.”

-On whether the fact that his position coach, played for Michigan has an effect on his view on Michigan, “A very positive effect, but nothing too huge.”

-On a decision date. “I currently do not have a set decision date, but I would prefer to make my commitment sooner rather than later.”

-Strengths and Weaknesses of his game, in his own words, “Being physical at the point of attack and big play defender.  I feel I need to work on everything in my game, you can never be too good at something. I need to work on getting stronger, faster and quicker. Perfecting my technique and footwork. Trusting my eyes.”

-A possible visit to AA. “I plan on making it up there sometime next month.”

Parrker is a very genuine young man who is smart both on and off the field.  He is a top talent at this stage and knows that everyday is an oppurtunity for growth.  Although he says that he has no leaders, I firmly believe that Michigan does hold a slight advantage.  Sam Webb, with his work, has also added to my belief.

I could see Parrker announcing his commitment before his senior season, and as for now, I feel that Michigan sits very well for his services.  I will stay in touch with him as time goes on.  Michigan could soon gain one of the top CB’s in the country soon.

As always GO BLUE! You can find me on twitter @BleedBlue_Gill and follow our site @BBlueRecruiting.


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