Quick Analysis Series: David Dawson

Highlights of Dawson from Cass Tech’s 2nd round 2012 playoff game vs. Dearborn.

Today I will be breaking down Cass Tech’s David Dawson. Dawson is the number two rated offensive guard in the nation, and well deserving. Dawson is a mammoth of a man, weighing in at 282 pounds, and standing tall at 6′-4, great size for a player entering that position his first year in college. Dawson is a player that won’t make you jump out of your seat as you watch him play, but he possesses all the necessary skills to be a very good player at the next level. He is quick off the ball, and once he is engaged with an opponent, he pretty much has the play wrapped up, and that player is not going to make the tackle. He has great strength, as he should with that size, and uses it on every play. Whether it be runs or passes,  Dawson is effective in both. Dawson also performed very well against good competition at the Nike OL-DL one-on-ones. He held his own on majority of the plays, and showed he is a good competitor. He is playing offensive tackle in high school, but will make the switch to guard in college, at least for the time being. There is a possibility that Dawson could move back to tackle at Michigan, but he needs to work on keeping his blocks more often than not, and be able to show he can protect the quarterback on a regular basis. He definitely has the ability to move back to tackle, but it may be a process, which is why guard may be his best bet to succeed at Michigan.

Dawson is a great football player, but he has a few things he should work on while in college, mainly maintaining his blocks for the longest time possible, and not giving up on the block. He does a great job of engaging players, but staying with his block is something that should be sharpened up. He will also not be at the prime pad level you would like an offensive lineman to be at from time to time, and a big reason is that he is a big fan of the 2 technique, the position where an offensive lineman doesn’t have his hand on the ground. His technique is a big reason why he comes off the ball and engages very well, but at the same time, it hurts him a little bit too, so a normal 3 technique will help with the pad level issues.

Overall, Dawson will be a wonderful addition to the 2013 class, and will help both Devin Gardner and eventually Shane Morris in the backfield. Opening holes for players like Derrick Green, Deveon Smith, and Fitzgerald Toussaint is a big plus for him and his work ethic. Also, Taylor Lewan will help making the transition to tackle a little easier for Dawson, and he should want to jump at the chance to learn from a future first round pick. If Dawson could continue to work, and grow as a football player, the sky is the limit for this young man, but he will need to continue to work. I feel as if he’s a huge part of the offense for the Wolverines when he gets to campus, and also a big reason Derrick Green will be joining him on campus. Dawson took over the Shane Morris role of recruiting while they were at the Army All-American game, and UM fans could thank Dawson for having Green running behind him. He is gifted, and will continue to prove why he is deserving of his ESPN and Rivals ranking.

As always, Go Blue!


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