Quick Analysis Series: Da’Mario Jones

Da’Mario Jones may be a player that few Michigan fans have heard of, but that’s not a bad thing. Jones is a player from Westland, Michigan, and he is a player worth keeping an eye out for. Jones isn’t a scrub either, having offers from some Big Ten powers over the last few years, Michigan and Michigan State, but also has offers from some non-automatic BCS qualifiers. Among those non-AQ’s are Bowling Green and Central Michigan, and was actually committed to Central Michigan before he committed to the University of Michigan.

Jones is a player who clearly has his best football ahead of him, a lot to do with the fact that he will still grow some more and hopefully add to his frame. He’s 6′-2, 192 pounds right now, and if he grows a little more, he could do wonders for himself, and the quarterback throwing him the football. Shane Morris or Devin Gardner would love throwing to a receiver who’s around 6′-4 or 6′-5 who could rip the ball out of the air on jump balls, something Jones is already good at. Jones isn’t the guy who’s going to blow past you while he’s running down field, but he’s definitely fast enough to play WR in college. Something that does go under the radar for Jones’s game is that he possesses the ability to catch the ball in traffic, something that you’ll have to get used to as a wide out playing in the Big Ten. He also has a knack for getting open while running routes. It seems as if he just finds the hole in the defense and is a nice safety blanket for his QB. He has the ability to run a number of routes, and this helps him while getting open, also setting up one on ones with defensive backs. He really is more of a possession receiver than a speed receiver, and that’s something every offense needs. Jones reminds me of former Wolverine and NY Giant, Amani Toomer.

While Jones does do a lot of things well, he does a few things that you’d like to see improvement on. He really needs to work on catching with his hands, rather than catching with his body. This could hurt him at the next level, and possibly lead to interceptions down the line. He’ll need to work on the inconsistencies because he really could turn into a special wide out if he just uses his hands more, and his body less. If he could make defenders miss more, he has a shot to have a huge YAC (yards after catch) and make some plays for UM’s offense. Jones also will have to work on his build in college, adding some extra muscle and weight isn’t always a bad thing for a receiver, and Jones will need to add some in order to try to contribute his first few seasons in college.

Overall, Da’Mario Jones seems as if he could add to this Michigan offense, and help the QB’s out tremendously. Having a tall, possession receiver is a quarterback’s dream. While he does have a few things that should be adjusted, he has a shot at making an impact further down the line for the Wolverines. Jones also knows what playing at Michigan could mean for him; He denied offers from several BCS teams on January 30th, just to continue being apart of Team 134. Jones is a player who just really does grow on you after you watch his highlight tapes, and after the 3rd time watching, he could develop into a nice player at Michigan.

As always, Go Blue!


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