Getting To Know: David Cornwell

^His junior highlights via 247 sports.

Over the last couple of weeks things have been heating up with 2014 QB David Cornwell.  Take a look at his Twitter timeline and you notice right off the bat that Cornwell has legitimate interest in Michigan.  I believe it is safe to say that interest is also felt by the coaching staff.

Cornwell stands at 6’5, 235 lbs and may very well be one of the top quarterbacks in the 2014 class.  To many, he is regarded as being a top end 4 start quarterback.  In my eyes he has the potential to be a 5 star by the time everything is all said and done.

When watching his film you instantly notice that he can do everything you look for in your prototypical pro style quarterback.  He has an ability to use his large frame to get everything into a throw and can make any throw you ask him.  He also can throw on the run well for a QB of his stature and can keep plays alive if needed.

Cornwell, in my eyes is the top target for the QB spot in Michigan’s 2014 class along with Wilton Speight.  Last week I was able to catch up with David and talk in regards to his recruitment, here is what he had to say.

-Top Schools for him, “To me right now, among my 20 schools or so that I have talked to, I would say that Michigan, UCLA, and Alabama stand out the most.”

-On what a Michigan offer would mean to him, “It truly would mean a lot.  The tradition is amazing along with the coaching staff.  They are all great guys.”

-On what he likes about Michigan, “Michigan is just an elite school with tremendous tradition.  I love the coaching staff.  The school is just awesome.”

-His own strengths and weaknesses, in his own words, “Strengths for me include my size, my ability to read the defenses, my arm, and the ability to keep plays alive.  My main weakness would have to be my speed.  I really want to get my 40 time up to around a 4.6.”

-A possible major, “More than likely business.”

David is a well spoken young man with goals in life.  With all his recent tweets and obvious interest in Michigan I believe that if offered, he would become a member of team 135 and could play the role that Shane Morris filled in recruiting.  This would be huge because A) He is a nationally respected player and B) It would show that Michigan can recruit more than just the Midwest.

David is a hell of a QB and IMO is easily top 5 in the 2014 class.  I feel like he would be an exceptional addition to the 2014 class and could prove to give an excellent bit of competition to Shane Morris after Devin Gardner leaves.  To me David is a great competitor and is well aware that no matter where he goes, he will have to earn a spot.

As time goes on David and I will stay in touch.  If he earns an offer, we could very well be looking at the next member of team 135.  The key will be offering before Alabama as IMO he has a great interest in Saban and his program.  The future is bright for the 2014 class guys!  GO BLUE.


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