Quick Analysis Series: Logan Tuley-Tillman

The University of Michigan did a lot of things wrong during this season, but one of the things they did right was recruiting. Brady Hoke and company seemed to really lock down recruits early, and keep them committed, one of the biggest being Logan Tuley-Tillman. Hoke was able to keep Tuley-Tillman at Michigan, and that is going to pay dividends in the long run for his Wolverines. Tuley-Tillman is a player who stands an enormous 6′-7 and weighs 317 pounds, and is a dominant recruit out of Illinois.

Michigan’s recruiting class is one that will make a few Big Ten teams extremely nervous for the next couple of years, and that class is headlined by Logan Tuley-Tillman. He’s a quick off the ball offensive lineman, he also is an elite run blocker. Majority of the time that you run Tuley-Tillman’s way, you’re going to be at the second level pretty quickly. His quickness is a huge advantage, he’s able to dominate the line of scrimmage and be able to drive his opponent up and down the football field. The fact that he is majority of a 3 point stance type of lineman really shows his athleticism, and could notice how he normally wins the war upfront. Although he’s a rather large athlete, he seems to have grown into his body, and is used to using his lower half to explode through initial contact, resulting in his near dominance of the offensive tackle position.  He is already 317 pounds, but he could add some more mass to him, mainly muscle, without it effecting his game.

Tuley-Tillman is a BCS ready type of player right now, who has a very good shot at starting at some point early in his career, possibly as early as his Freshman year. Rated the number 7 offensive tackle in the country, Tuley-Tillman comes in with some big expectations to fill, especially now that he could learn from future 1st round pick, Taylor Lewan. Tuley-Tillman could really benefit from having Lewan play ahead of him his first year on campus, that way Lewan could demonstrate the way to protect a quarterback against BCS teams.

Tuley-Tillman is also going to have to face some competition if he wants to try a position other than tackle, with players like David Dawson, Patrick Kugler and Kyle Bosch all competing to play early. If Tuley-Tillman could correct some mistakes like adjusting to using his upper-half more, that way there isn’t a constant stand still during plays. He could be much better lineman if he could learn how to use his whole body during blocks, rather than one half at a time. Eliminating the stalemates will be crucial for the development of Tuley-Tillman. It will show where and how far he is into his progression as a Big Ten lineman, and I’m not too worried about how he’s going to turn out.

Overall, Tuley-Tillman really makes me anxious to see how this whole class is going to gel together, especially the names that were previously mentioned in the article. A combination of Tuley-Tillman, David Dawson and company would really make an impact for the team. The Wolverines are getting positions that were of need handled, and will begin to use them as their strong point, rather than trying to hide it. Runningbacks will love running behind Tuley-Tillman, and Quarterbacks are going to love the protection they’re going to get once this class is all playing together.

**It’s also worth noting that Logan Tuley-Tillman has already signed his letter of intent in January 2013.

As always, Go Blue!


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