Quick Analysis Series: Csont’e York

After a long weekend of Super Bowl activities and such, we’re back at the analysis grind, and we’re starting to get closer to signing day. Which brings us back to Michigan’s recruiting class for 2013, and breaking down WR Csont’e York.

York is a wide receiver who has a boatload of potential, and will be a player to watch for the Wolverines. He isn’t at the level to start right away for Michigan, but he has a chance to make an impact later on in his career. His best chance to see the field is as a WR, I’m not necessarily sure if he is a player who could be a return man, even though he’s a skill position player. York has a big enough frame to make an impact if his skills start to improve a little more, and clearly Hoke and company know his best football is ahead of him.

The thing with York is that he is not an overly explosive player, so people think that he’s not necessarily worthy of his offer from UM or B1G schools, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. York’s worth every scholarship offer he’s received from schools during his recruitment period. He’s a big target, and when you see him play, you instantly think that York will be a redzone threat once he’s on the football field. York has the ability to be so much more than just a redzone receiver, and that will depend on his development and also his relationship with Shane Morris or Devin Gardner, depending on how long he remains at UM. He could catch, and really body the defensive backs he goes up against, and when he hits the weight room and on a college workout plan, he should be able to really overpower the DB’s he goes against. York is also a big possession receiver, the kid could flat out catch. That should be a nice compliment to Da’Mario Jones, and a nice security blanket for future UM QB’s.

Overall, I see York playing in spurts his first two years on campus, but once he works and develops, he should be a nice find for Brady Hoke and his staff. Michigan really found a diamond in the rough, and I think personally, he will shine in Ann Arbor. York is a good kid, and a good athlete, so everything seems to be on the “up and up” with him and his future team.

As always, Go Blue!


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