Getting To Know: Andrew Williams

^The Above is a link to his sophomore highlights.

BEAST.  This is the one word you think of when you think Andrew Williams.  At 6’4 he may very well be one of the top DE’s in the 2014 class with the likes of Malik McDowell and D’Shawn Hand.

From watching his film you see his dynamic ability to play both sides of the ball and the barbaric play he features.  He runs you over on both sides of the ball and hardly is stopped.  He has all the tools to be a top prospect overall and could very well fit the Terrell Suggs mold that Coach Mattison has mentioned to him.

Earlier today Drew spoke with Coach Mattison and I was able to catch up with him shortly after his chat with Michigan.  Here are some of his thoughts at this point in time…

-On What Schools are recruiting him the hardest at this point in time, “There is actually a lot of schools recruiting me pretty hard man.  Michigan, GA Tech, Georgia, Clemson, South Carolina, Florida, FSU, LSU, and ND just to name a few.”

-His thoughts on Michigan, “I really like Michigan.  I like the defensive scheme they run and the coaches are awesome!”

-On his interest in Michigan, “I am very interested.  I look forward to getting up there on a visit this summer and getting to know the school better.”

-A key strength and weakness in his game, in his own words, “I would say I have great strength along with good speed and a great set of moves.  There is always room to improve.  I would say I need to improve on my play against double teams.”

As for mentioned, Andrew plans on making a trip up to Ann Arbor this summer.  Although it is early in his recruitment, I feel Michigan could pose a threat to the host of SEC teams after his talents.  He seems to love what Coach Mattison has to say and has the potential to become the Terrell Suggs of the Michigan defense.

Andrew is arguably one of the best players down south in the 2014 class and appears to have some legit Michigan interest.  He is an animal on the field and also a very nice young man off of it.  As time goes on I will stay in touch with Andrew as his recruitment progresses!



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