Getting To Know: Shai McKenzie

Junior Year Highlights of Shai McKenzie ^

Big, Fast, Strong.  These are just three of the many words that can be used to describe 2014 Washington, PA RB Shai McKenzie.

At 6 ft, 210 lbs Shai McKenzie is arguably one of the best RB’s in the Midwest for the 2014 class.  He has the perfect combination of ability which create an absolute freak on the field.. (IN A GOOD WAY).  Shai is one of my personal 2014 RB’s because he can hurt you with both his speed and strength.  His versatility is key and a very potent part of his game.

Earlier today, McKenzie picked up a Michigan offer and I was fortunate enough to gather some of his thoughts on both Michigan and his own game..

-On schools recruiting him the hardest, “I would say Pitt at this point in time.  I really don’t have a group of leaders right now.”

-On what the Michigan offer means to him, “It is a big deal!  Michigan is a very good program and I am highly interested.  I don’t know too much about them right now but I hope to look into Michigan.”

-On what he likes about Michigan, “I love the pro style offense and the coaches are great!”

-On a trip to AA, “I am not too sure yet, but hopefully I can make it up there soon.”

-Strengths and weaknesses in his own words, “I have a great burst of explosion and I am very versatile.  I feel I need to work on creating space in tight areas.”

Shai also went on to mention that he hopes to make his decision some time next January at an All American game.

Shai is a dynamic player with several great facets to his game.  Everytime he touches the ball, he is a threat to score.  His speed is elite at such a great size and can burn you at any moment.

Shai and I plan on staying in touch as his recruitment progresses.  If he is able to get on campus, don’t be surprised if Michigan rises in his eyes and list of schools.

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2 thoughts on “Getting To Know: Shai McKenzie

  1. ” arguably one of the best RB’s in the Midwest for the 2014 class.” didn’t realize Washington was in the Midwest?? lol

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