Quick Analysis Series: Jake Butt


Jake Butt is a tight end commit who is interesting to break down to say the least. He’s displays a lot of wide receiver abilities, which is a nice skill to have for a tight end, and his skills SCREAM redzone threat. A lot of time it seems as if Butt could make a transition from TE to WR, but I do see him settling nicely as a TE.

Michigan does have a few TE’s that have experience of playing the position, Devin Funchess and AJ Williams, but I feel as if Butt could play a little bit his freshman year if he really adds to his already large frame. Butt is 6′-6 and weighs around 230, but he is a lean 230, so adding muscle will only help him in his development. Adding the muscle will help him in the blocking portion of his game, something Funchess didn’t do entirely well his freshman year, and this will help his chances of seeing the field. He isn’t he best blocker in the nation, which is something Hoke and company will need to work with him during his workouts. Being that he has signed already is a huge plus for him. This will help him get into Ann Arbor early and work on all of his skills that he lacks, mainly releasing as a receiver and again, blocking.

I really feel as if Butt could help Michigan early and often, but will need to bring everything together to become that complete football player everyone would want him to be. If I could put a player that Butt reminds me of, it would be a Chris Cooley of the Redskins type, or Tyler Eifert from Notre Dame. It might be a bit much to compare him to those players, but he is a solid player an works hard, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. If Butt continues to work, Shane Morris will fall in love with him close to the goal line, and could be a nice combination with Funchess and other receivers. Butt will be on my player to watch list, and he should be on your radar too.

As always, Go Blue!


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