Wilton Speight.. Come On Down!


^His Junior Highlights

For the last few weeks, the big talk of the 2014 class has been what QB an offer would go out to.  Today that question was answered, and answered emphatically.  Michigan secured their second commit of the 2014 class today in Wilton Speight out of Richmond, VA.

At 6’6, 230 lbs, Wilton has the world of potential.  He threw last week for the coaches and clearly made an impact on their efforts.  WIlton was a rather unknown among Michigan fans until news broke that he had been making contact with the coaches for a rather long time.  After throwing last week for the coaches, he spoke with the Coaches again this morning and found himself a Michigan offer.  On the spot he committed.

From watching his film you see that he has the whole package when it comes to a QB.  He has size, a great arm, athleticism, and flat out make plays.  The kid is a leader and can run an offense second to none in the 2014 class.

I had a chance to speak with Wilton following his commitment, and here is what he had to say.

-When they offered him, and what the coaches said when they offered him, “They formally offerred me this morning.  They said that in their eyes, I was the number 1 QB for my class in the country.”

-What the Michigan offer meant to him, and why he committed on the spot, “I knew they were going to offer after speaking with them Monday, so I had time to think about it.  It meant the world man, I love that place.”

-What he feels he brings to Michigan, “I bring a few things.  A great leader on the field and in the classroom, a great friend and role model, and someone that plans on winning MULTIPLE championships.”

-What his goals are now that he is committed, “My goal is to try and put together the number one class in the country for next year.”

-What it means to finally be a Michigan Man, “I am 100 percent solid there.  Michigan is the place for me.  It means more than I can explain.  It is truely a dream come true.”

-Anything he would like to say to the Michigan fanbase. “I just want to say thank you to all you guys for the support that you have shown, and expect big things for the program’s future.”

Wilton is a great addition to the 2014 class.  In a few years I feel he will be great competitor against Shane Morris for the starting role.  Speight is a competitor and has great heart in everything he does.  He is solid to Michigan and IMO he will not waver one bit.

With Wilton on board now we can look ahead to the remainder of the 2014 class with optimism.  He says he will begin to recruit personally now and fill the role of Shane Morris in 2013.  The 2014 class should have 14 more spots up for grabs now so expect things to progress slowly.

Wilton has the potential to be a high 4* when all is said and done and ultimately a great QB at the next level.  The future is bright guys and I hope you are as excited as we are!



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