Getting To Know: Malik McDowell

His highlights from a game from this past season, no season highlights of him on the web.


That is exactly what Malik McDowell is at the age of 16.  He is a man among boys.  To further specify, he is a beastly specimen at the age of 16.

As many of you may know, Malik McDowell is arguably the top DE in the country, and he along with Drake Harris may very well be the best player in the state of Michigan.  At 6’6, 300 lbs (Scout) He has the build to play at the college level right now.  From watching just the game clips above you take note of a few things.  1) He can make plays.  Malik can beat any blocking scheme in the blink of an eye and is fast off the line.  2) He is one strong kid.  He WILL run you over if your in his way and completely destroys the QB, engulfing him with rage and brute power.

With Lawrence Marshall off the board, Malik has almost turned into a must get for Michigan fans with this class.  I mean, hell, could you imagine a D Line haul with both him and Da’Shawn Hand?  You could not top that.  Yes, Michigan fans, this is a very realistic option this year.

Earlier tonight I had the opprtunity to speak with Malik and here is what he had to say..

-Schools he has been hearing from the most, “I would say recently I have been mostly hearing from OSU, ND, Michigan, and MSU.  Those schools are also the schools I should be visiting soon.”

-Thoughts on Michigan, “I like the fact that a bunch of my old teamates play there.  At Michigan I would feel very comfortable and the camaraderie would be there.  The coaches are awesome and the tradition there is also spectacular.”

-Visit, “A lot of schools have been on me about making visits.  For me, all I know is that I will be making a visit soon.  I don’t really plan when I visit, it just kind of happens when I am able to.”

-Decision Date, “I will make my committment when I feel the time is right.  No set timetable for me but when I have found the school that I feel is right for me, than I will announce.”

-Strengths and Weaknesses, “I have great anticipation on the field, a good football IQ.  My size is also a strength, it really helps me make plays.  I would say I need to work on my technique, especially with the 4 point stance and overall my positioning on the line.”

-What he is looking for in a school, “Education is most important.  I want to be able to win and grow as a person and a player at whichever college I commit to.”

Malik also later went on to say that he is undecided with which AA game he will play in.  He also plans on majoring in Business or broadcasting.

Malik is a well spoken young man who obviously is also a premier talent on the field.  Malik IMO would be one of the biggest defensive commits for Michigan in recent memory.  The kid is a top talent and is top on the board for Hoke and company.

At this point I feel like Michigan sits very well with Malik.  In the long run I see it coming down to OSU, ND, and Michigan, due to the fact that he really wants to succeed and also get a top education.  The interest is mutual between both parties and IMO as time goes on I wouldn’t be surprised if Malik ended up at Michigan.  He would see time early for the Wolverines and would make an instant impact.  That being said he says all schools are even.  As time goes on I will be staying in touch with Malik as you should be keeping your eye on our site for any updates.

Malik is a must get for Michigan IMO and arguably the top DE in the country.  Stay tuned as time goes on in his recruitment and as always, GO BLUE!


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