Announcement: The Wolverine Legends Tournament

Many times when a recruit speaks about why they like the University of Michigan, they will say it has a lot to do with the tradition of the athletics program in Ann Arbor.

Last week, I posed the question on our social networks,”Who is the greatest Michigan athlete of all time?” and received many different answers. Being the curious Wolverine fan that I am, I got to thinking, “Who IS the best Wolverine ever to step onto campus?”

With that in mind, I bring you the Wolverine Legends tournament. The 32-man field is broken down into four regions, which you will be able to see below. Each match-up will include it’s own breakdown and a poll where you can cast your vote. The match-ups will be posted throughout the week, but you can check out the field of teams below.

Schembechler Region:

  1. Charles Woodson
  2. Tom Harmon
  3. Cazzie Russell
  4. Anthony Carter
  5. Benny Friedman
  6. Bill Freehan
  7. Tim Biakabutuka
  8. Jim Abbott

Berenson Region:

  1. Michael Phelps
  2. Desmond Howard
  3. Barry Larkin
  4. Juwan Howard
  5. Dan Dierdorff
  6. Jalen Rose
  7. Braylon Edwards
  8. Anthony Thomas

Yost Region:

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Chris Webber
  3. Denard Robinson
  4. Drew Henson
  5. Jim Harbaugh
  6. Mike Hart
  7. Marty Turco
  8. Aaron Ward

Crisler Region:

  1. Glenn Rice
  2. Bennie Oosterbaan
  3. Ron Kramer
  4. Charlie Gehrenger
  5. Jake Long
  6. Chad Henne
  7. LaMarr Woodley
  8. Jimmy King

So, is it Charles Woodson or Tom Brady? Michael Phelps or Glenn Rice? Or will someone else emerge from the pack? YOU DECIDE! Match-ups will be posted later tonight with the first breakdown coming Tuesday morning, February 20th.

Make your voices heard! Who is the undisputed champion of Michigan Wolverines athletics? Keep it locked in here for more info.


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