Quick Analysis Series: Michael Ferns

Michigan has been lucky in the recruiting department the past couple of years with commits like Shane Morris and Michael Ferns, and not just because of their playing ability. Something that Brady Hoke has really been lucky about, is that a few of his commits are incredible recruiters themselves, making his job a lot easier. Michael Ferns is that kind of player. A four star prospect as of February 19th, 2013, he has done his fair share of help for the Wolverines in the recruiting process. A big part of that is a recruiting plan called “Project 135” campaigned on Ferns’s twitter account. “The idea behind Project 135 is that we’re trying to put together the best class possible for 2014,” Ferns said via his twitter account. He continued by saying “Every time someone commits, I’ll send one of these nice blue shirts out. Then, as commits wear the shirts to events, we’ll get the attention of other potential recruits who may not have been looking towards Michigan at first.” He added a picture of shirts that say “Building a class, one member at a time”.

Ferns is also a football player with high upside, in case you weren’t aware yet. He’s an inside linebacker who destroys blocks, and disrupts plays for majority of the game, and is almost guaranteed to be the player to watch during any game he’s playing in high school. The 6-3, 235 pound linebacker out of Saint Clairsville High School in Ohio, is a beast when it comes to overall game of football, and will only continue to get better at it. I think that if Ferns gets to campus early, via an early enrollment, he has a chance to make an impact as a freshman, no questions asked. If Jake Ryan stays in school to finish out his four years in Ann Arbor, Ferns and Ryan will become one of the best linebacking groups in the country, especially if Ryan passes down his knowledge of the game to Ferns. Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison also will have a field day with that defense, specifically a young Ferns.

Moreover, Ferns does have a little growing to do, mainly bulking up to be a big time presence in the middle for the Wolverines. He’s not little by any means, but he can add 5-10 pounds of mass to really be able to dominate the line of scrimmage. Ferns is already a mammoth of a man for a high schooler, and the transition to college linebacker will not be that difficult for him. He’s a big time talent, and will only get better as the time goes on. He’s a versatile player, plays fullback as well, and that brings an even more dynamic player to the commit list for the Wolverines. Would I like to see him used on offense, during goal line chances? Channeling my best Lee Corso impression, “Not so fast my friend.” Ferns is good, but not a shot I’d risk him on anything other than Defense, or some special team work.

Overall, Michael Ferns will be a stud for this recruiting class, in more ways than one. His recruiting abilities are uncanny, and so are his football instincts. UM got another kid from Ohio, and that is really saying something for Hoke’s recruiting, as well. Would I be surprised if Ferns is responsible for a big time class this year? Not a shot. This kid means business on, and off the field, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Michigan is the recipient of a Top 5 class when it is all said and done.

As always, Go Blue!


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