Basketball Mailbag: February 21, 2013

I took to Facebook this week to see what questions you guys had about all things Michigan basketball. Without further ado, let’s see what was on your minds this week?

Shaun asks: How does the recruiting class look for next year?

Michigan has a solid class coming in 2013. There are 3 available commitments filled to this point. The Wolverines will be bringing in the heir apparent to Trey Burke next year in point guard Derrick Walton, scoring small forward Zak Irvin, and big man Mark Donnal. Assuming that Trey Burke goes pro like most of us think, Walton will start right away. Irvin’s role on next year’s team will probably be as a sixth man coming off of the bench, a role that could suit him very well being the stat sheet stuffer that he is. Donnal to me is a bit of a project due to his lack of post moves and below average shot blocking. John Beilein has obviously started to bring in very talented players, which is a huge turn for this program. Beilein has put the program back on the map. The next step is building depth and it appears he will be doing that with this class.

Ray asks: What happened to Joe Dumars’ son (Jordan)?

Jordan Dumars left the program in 2011 due to nagging injuries. Dumars never played a game for the Wolverines after transferring from South Florida in 2009-10.

Adam asks: Will Glenn Robinson III and Tim Hardaway Jr. go pro?

It’s a little early to tell. If I had to give an answer right now, I’d say no. Until the Penn State game, GR3 disappeared during Michigan’s gauntlet of a stretch in conference play. Not only did he not produce, he hardly even got involved. It was as if he was totally disinterested in being out there. If you look at the stats, GR3 has done virtually nothing on the road. He has great potential and we’ve seen what he can do when he is at his best, but he is not nearly consistent enough. I have not seen him rated very high in mock drafts at this point, and unless the NBA Draft Advisory board gave him a lottery grade, I would suggest he stay in school.

Hardaway is a little different. Physically, he is ready for the NBA. When he is hot, he is one of the best pure shooters in college basketball, but when he is cold, he is HORRID. There is no in-between.  I don’t see him being much more than a role player in the NBA anyways, but right now he would be a second round prospect in my eyes because of his lack of consistency. If I were him, I would stay.

Zach asks: Is there any chance that Trey Burke stays?

Unless he has a total breakdown to end the season, I think Trey Burke is NBA bound. Talent-wise, he is as good a player as he can be in my eyes. The Chris Paul comparisons are a bit much in my eyes, but if he adds a bit more strength and improves his decision making, he will be a very good NBA player. Some people say, “Decision making? Burke doesn’t turn the ball over a lot.” Poor shot selection is the same as a turnover in my eyes. He is famous for his step-back three point shot, but Burke is at his best when he drives to the basket. In that regard, I see a little bit of Tony Parker in his game. If he keeps up on the pace he’s on, there is no question he will be going pro and probably be taken early.

Thank you for your questions and continue to send them in! Go Blue!


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