Mason Cole, The Michigan Man

And then there were 4.

4 is the number of commits that Michigan stands at now in the 2014 class and that number 4, although a small number, comes in a very large man.  Yes I said man, cause that is what Mason Cole is on the football field.  At 6’4 275, Mason Cole is a plow.  You run behind him and you will have green in front of you.

Mason Cole is arguably the top OL in the state of Florida for 2014 and was easily one of, if not the top target on the board for Michigan in 2014 for the offensive line haul that could add as many as 3 more members.  Before Mason Cole made his visit, I had a hunch that he would be a Wolverine, and my hunch came to reality.  It may have been a consensus but you heard it here and it was real.

Mason projects anywhere on the offensive line when he gets to Michigan and could be one of the most important pieces to this class as time goes on.  There is no true film on him but all scouts rave is his ability to man handle opponents and his durability.  He is strong, really strong and is a hell of a lineman.  Basically the prototypical Brady Hoke offensive lineman.  Nice skills, but an even nicer character build.

Last night I was able to speak with the newest Wolverine and here are just a few of his thoughts..

-On when he knew he would be a Wolverine, “I woke up Sunday while I was there and looked out onto campus and kind of just got that feeling that like this is the place for me.”

-On why Michigan was the place for him, “The fans, the coaches, the type of people the players were, just everything.  Michigan is just perfect.

-Goals now that he is committed, “I want to finish high school and win a state championship.  Then I will go on to Michigan and be successful.”

-On if he will follow the recruiting suits of Michael Ferns and Wilton Speight, “Of course I will and then on and win a crystal ball.”

-On chances with Artavis Scott and George Campbell (2015), “I am going to recruit them really hard and just see what happens.  I couldn’t really say right now man.”

-On what he brings to Team 135, “I am a Michigan Man.  We all bring the same thing.. dominance on the field and leadership in life.”

Mason also went on to add that he is undecided as to whether or not he will enroll early.

Mason is right when he says he is a Michigan Man.  He shows a great amount of determination and character in everything he does.  He knows how to live life and how to be successful.  He is a man among boys in the trenches and knows how to play ball with a mean streak.  He is one of the top OL in America for 2014 and I sure am glad that he chose Michigan.  He should play a key role in recruiting and could very well help land his teammates, Scott and Campbell, whom both are one of the top WR’s in each of their respective classes.

Mason projects most likely at guard when it is his time to shine at Michigan and should redshirt his freshman season, but anything can happen between now and 2014.  The future is bright for Mason as it is for Michigan.



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