Wolverine Legends Tournament Round Two: Yost Region

We are down to 16 men for the right be crowned Bleed Blue’s Wolverine Legend. Below are the breakdowns for round two in the Yost Region.

(1) Tom Brady vs. (5) Jim Harbaugh

Tom Brady seemingly came out of nowhere. Backup to Brian Griese during the 1997 National Championship season, this former Wolverine quarterback rose from seventh on the depth chart his freshman year and ended up battling out with Drew Henson to be the #1 QB in ’98 and ’99. Coming out of college, nobody expected him to be much of anything in the NFL. A sixth round pick by the Patriots, Brady replaced an injured Drew Bledsoe in 2001 and led the Pats all the way to the Super Bowl that year, and the rest is history. He has gone on to become a three time Super Bowl winner and eight time Pro Bowler. Brady has come a long way from his Michigan days and is now one of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen.

Jim Harbaugh may be best known for throwing temper tantrums on the sidelines as an NFL coach, but before then he was one of the more successful quarterbacks in Michigan football history. Playing for Bo Schembechler, he finished his college career in the top five in passing attempts, completions, completion percentage, passing yards and touchdown passes in school history. In his junior year in 1985, he was one of the most efficient passers in the country, leading the Wolverines to one of their best seasons under Bo. He went on to have mixed success in the NFL as a player, but is now coach of the 49ers and is one of the best in the league. Regardless of your opinion of his demeanor, he has represented the University of Michigan well since leaving.

(2) Chris Webber vs. (3) Denard Robinson

Chris Webber may very well be the best player to play basketball for Michigan. Considered the leader of the Fab Five, Webber and the Wolverines went to two straight national championship games. He was a first-team All-American in 1993 and was selected by the Orlando Magic (then traded to Golden State) with the first pick of the 1993 NBA Draft. The five time NBA All-Star had a successful 15 year career and retired in 2008. Due to the Ed Martin scandal, he was banned from Michigan events until 2013. No word yet to if either side has contacted the other to make amends. Regardless, Webber is a staple in the history of the Wolverine basketball program.

Denard Robinson is arguably the most electrifying athlete that has ever stepped foot in Ann Arbor. Robinson is the all-time leading quarterback rusher in college football. His speed as a passer was a weapon that few defenses could stop, let alone contain. He has 9 of the 10 highest total yardage games in school history. He was not the greatest of throwers by any means, but every time he touched the ball there was a chance he could go the distance. He was also the ultimate leader and team player. When Brady Hoke and his staff came in 2011, Denard was key to the transition period. His future is uncertain as of now, but there is no denying Robinson was one of the best to take the field.

So who moves on to the Elite Eight from this region? YOU DECIDE! Voting ends 3/10 at midnight and is unlimited!


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