Looking For Enthusiastic Michigan Fans to Help Us Grow Bleed Blue!

We’ve come a long way since we started up back in January! We finally have our own website, we get a lot of questions from fans on social media, and we just recently announced that we will be doing a podcast!

That being said, we still want to get bigger and better. Right now there is only four of us on staff and we all have very different availability and schedules, but in order to get done what we really need to get done, we need to grow as a staff if we wish to grow as an outlet.

You don’t just have to be a writer. We understand that writing is not for every one. We could use a hand with managing the website, gathering content for the staff writers, people who are familiar with tech support, and various other duties that could help us get to where we want to be.

We are still looking for more staff writers, though, mainly on the football end of things. We have tried to get as much content as possible out to the people but we are very limited due to our small staff.

Anything that you think you can do to be an asset to us would be greatly appreciated. This is a site for the fans written by fans. This isn’t a paying job for any of us, but we bust our butts for the website because we love what we do! Hopefully there are more people out there like us that want to contribute to the cause!

You can contact us via our Twitter page (@BBlueRecruiting), friend us on facebook, or e-mail us at bleedbluerecruiting@aol.com

You can also contact me at abroome1110@hotmail.com. For those out there wanting to possibly write for us, but don’t have a background in journalism, I would be more than willing to help you out!

Thank you again for your continued support and keep letting us know what we can do to improve the Bleed Blue experience!

God Bless and Go Blue!



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