Quick Analysis Series: Brady Pallante

“Greatest feeling in the world to be committed to the best program in college football, I feel so honored to be committed to a program that has so much tradition.” Sound like a player that’s excited for a shot to play football for the University of Michigan? Sure sounds like it to me. Those words are from Michigan’s newest 2015 commit, Brady Pallante. Pallante, a Florida native, is a DT that accepted his greyshirt “dream offer” from Michigan on his visit Friday in Ann Arbor.

For those wondering what a greyshirt means, it is when a player that has accepted a scholarship at a university enrolls a semester later than the fall. This makes room for players in the class before, but still getting a player from the same class. This player is eligible after the football season, his calendar begins as soon as he is enrolled for classes.

For those wondering why Pallante accepted a greyshirt offer from Michigan, rather than another university, well I’ll let him explain; “I’ll be taking it as a 2015, so I’ll be a greyshirt. Because of the numbers and the kids they have,” Pallante explained. “Only a certain amount of kids are allowed to be on scholarship at once, and they had a large number of kids last year.”

Pallante is a big man, 6-1, 278 pounds, who does add depth to the defensive line, something Brady Hoke has made a point of focus of his tenure in A2. He impressed scouts while on campus for a camp, and that seemed to be enough for Michigan to set up an offer. He is a player that is going to stop the run, really whether he likes it or not, and it’s mainly due to the fact that he could fill the gaps well and clog up holes due to his size. I think the player he most reminds me of is former Michigan beast, Mike Martin. I do think that his offer is mainly because of his potential, which is also the reason for the greyshirt offer. Pallante has time to grow now and time to really sharpen some skills, without having to lose any years of eligibility.

Overall, It seems to me that Pallante is a player who could make a nice splash early, while at the same time providing depth for the Wolverines. Banking on potential normally worries people, but in this case, I don’t see it coming back to bite Hoke & CO. Pallante has a shot to literally mirror what Mike Martin has done (really starting to come into his own about junior year of college) because of the DC Greg Mattison. Mattison is a wizard, and also a former NFL DC, who could handle just about anyone, and I have a feeling he is salivating waiting for Pallante to get to campus.

As always, Go Blue!


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