Quick Analysis Series: Drake Harris

Mario Manningham, Braylon Edwards, Jason Avant, Amani Toomer. These are some of the bigger names that have played wide receiver for the University of Michigan. Drake Harris is going to try and be on that big name list by the time he hits campus for the Wolverines. Harris broke the news that he committed to the Wolverines via twitter on Sunday afternoon, and I’m pretty sure he broke the site. Formerly committed to Michigan State, Harris has been courted by many big schools since then, Michigan included. UM made a hard push during basketball season when Harris decommitted, saying he was only going to focus on football, not both football and basketball.

Brady Hoke continues to sell the dream of playing in front of 100,000 plus fans, tradition, winning and delivering knowledge of possessing something special. Harris, as you can tell, has bought into that, and realized now that donning the maize and blue is something that he has wanted to do. With the spring game coming to an end, he was seen wearing all Michigan attire, and was said to be having a blast while in attendance.

Harris is a 5* recruit that will put a team on the right path to be great. He is a player that can change the game in a second if you fall asleep, and he can burn you more than once. Regardless of the play called, Harris has a legit shot to hit a homerun on every possession. Screens, deep balls, short routes, it doesn’t matter, he’ll find a way to shake you. In the film I’ve watched, he has shown nothing but quickness, size and speed. It may be a bit earlier to compare him to anyone just yet, but if I had to, I’d compare him to Missouri’s Dorial Green-Beckham. He is a freak athlete that will make plays at the next level no matter where he is on the field.

The sky is the limit for Harris, and if defensive coordinators aren’t mindful, he could cause a couple firings as well. It has been a while since Michigan has had an elite talent as a wideout, but that could have been something that sold him to the school. Being “the first since..” at a school like Michigan would make some people commit immediately, and it could have been a big factor during this process.

I wouldn’t give all the credit to Hoke though. QB Commit Wilton Speight is a big reason Harris will be playing in A2. Speight and LB Commit Michael Ferns have taken on the Shane Morris role (am I the only one noticing the name dropping segment we’re having over here?) quite nicely. Speight was a big believer in Harris, and also was a big reason he will be wearing a winged helmet.

Overall, Drake Harris’s name basically speaks for itself. An elite prospect that will be dominating the Big Ten for years to come, and will be a household name sooner or later. Harris could also be in line to wear the number 1 jersey if he continues his success in college. Speight or Morris will now have a wideout that can go out and get big yards and big plays for basically they’re whole career at UM, and I’m sure they both just let out a big sigh of relief. Hoke and company did it again, there is life back in this Michigan program.

As always, Go Blue!


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