Quick Analysis Series: Jabrill Peppers

It’s hard to find Jabrill Peppers doing something wrong on the football field, but even harder to find something he does wrong off it as well. Jabrill Peppers is a 4.0 student at Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, New Jersey. He is also a 4.0 student of the game of football. One of the top talents in this years recruiting class, Peppers is a “must-have” player for any program that wants to make the next step and make a run for a National Championship, and almost every major FBS football program’s Head Coach knows this. Peppers is a player that sets the tone for a game, and possibly a season for a team, so having his services for 3 or 4 years wouldn’t hurt any team in the country, and I’m sure any team would love to have him.

Peppers does more than play CB in high school. He’s also and elite running back talent (rushing 172 times for 1552 yards and 18 TD’s) who gives defensive coordinators fits every single time he touches the football. But he will be attending college as a CB prospect regardless of his ability to run the football.

Moreover, there are few, if any, who can really compare to Peppers on and off the field in this recruiting class, and that is a big reason he is so coveted. He possesses the lockdown skills to be a big time contributor for any defense, and has the “swagger” of some of the elites, too. 77 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 interceptions are on his résumé for his Junior season, which was capped off by a State Championship. Arguably one of the the Top 2 players in the nation in my opinion, and it’s clear as the day is long when you see it in person.

Peppers plays about 4 minutes away from my house, and he is nothing shy of electric when he straps up his pads on Saturdays, and is nothing short of the real deal. There is just some sort of presence that he brings to the field that picks up his whole team, and that is a great thing to bring to the field. I would compare Peppers’s talent to Cleveland Browns CB, Joe Haden. Yeah, that good.

However, lost in his flashy plays and exciting style of play, Peppers does have a few flaws in his game. His running of the football on offense is a bit unsettling for me. He has more wear-and-tear on his legs than the average CB in high school does, and that must make one think about, or at least consider, playing him on only one side of the ball for his Senior year. He is also a special teams player who returns punts and kicks to add to his offensive production. Not sure if PCFB Coaches want to hear that, but at some point down the road, he’s going to need to rest.

Secondly, his ability to make sudden movements or missteps are something that could come back to bite him at the next level. He doesn’t do it often, but it is something that some should keep an eye on. Not horribly worried about it because he has great recovery speed but should try and work on that while at camps and practicing with his team.

Overall, Jabrill Peppers is a great talent and a great student who can play at any University in the country, and play at a high level. One thing that I would bank on? Hearing Jabrill Peppers name being broadcasted on stadium PA systems across the country for years to come. He has the talent to be the next Charles Woodson, and has the swagger to back it up. Peppers in an elite talent, and it seems as if his interest in Michigan is warming up over the last few months. If Hoke can bring him in, this team could be one to be reckoned with, outside of the Big Ten as well. Great football player and a great talent, his ceiling is as high as anyone’s. Regardless of where he goes, his future is bright.

As always, Go Blue!


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