2015 Getting To Know: Damien Harris

Highlights courtesy of 247.

Damien Harris is one of top best RB’s in America even as a sophomore, and surely is a top 5 guy for the class of 2015 Running Back position,  along with Cass Tech’s Mike Weber .  Both have already gained Michigan offers and recently I was able to catch up with the earlier mentioned, Damien Harris.

At 5’10 204 lbs, Damien runs a 4.35 forty, 4.1 shuttle time and to boot, a 34 inch vertical.  The first thing you take from that is yes.. He is scary fast.  From watching his tape you see that almost instantly.  He is a big time player who makes big time plays and almost certainly is one of the top targets for Michigan in the 2015 class.

Damien recently underwent elbow surgery, so I was fortunate enough to chat with him about where he stands with Michigan and where he is to go from here.  Damien is a great guy to talk to and here is just a few things I was able to speak with him about..

-Where things stand with Michigan, and how large the margin of lead is for the Wolverines… “Things are good right now.  I am really starting to develop good relationships with the staff and I have been talking to some commits as well.  Michigan is my number one school by a big margin.”

-What it is about Michigan that makes them his leader… “As everybody already knows, growing up Michigan was always my favorite school.  Actually being on campus and meeting coaches, players, and staff have just given me a family feeling that I haven’t really felt anywhere else.”

-On when he plans on visiting A2 next… “I should be up there June 15th I think for the camp.  I may not compete though as I am still recovering from elbow surgery.”

-On a decision date… “I plan on hopefully announcing my decision sometime next year at about this time.”

-Strength and Weakness of his game in his own words… “That is a tough question for sure.  God has blessed me with good size, strength, speed and vision.  I feel like I need to work on my pass blocking though.”

-On what it would mean to be a Wolverine… “It’d definitely be a great honor and blessing to play for such a great team with an unbelievable tradition.  Not to mention playing in front of the best fans in college football.  The coaches tell me all the time that I would fit in so well with their offense and that at the end of the da they’re going to make me a Wolverine.”

From all accounts Damien seems to be a top priority for the Wolverines, as do the Wolverines for Damien.  He is a very well spoken young man with a great head on his shoulders who succeeds both on the gridiron and in the classroom.

Michigan has a bit of a luxury with having offers out to two of the top RB’s in 2015 in Harris and Weber, and with the fact that they both seem to think very highly of the Wolverines.

It will come down to the wire for both with the Wolverines, and at this moment nothing is cut and clear except for one thing.. along with Weber… Damien Harris is a hell of a football player who would excel greatly with the Michigan Wolverines and without a doubt that possibility, at this point, deems a high likelihood!


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