Quick Analysis Series: Ian Bunting

“The weakest point of Michigan’s offense is their receiving core.” This usually is what someone says prior to evaluating Michigan as a whole. Not anymore. The University of Michigan has added a 6th commit to it’s 2014 class, his name is Ian Bunting.

Bunting is a big time talent and target, standing 6-6 and weighing in 210 pounds. He’s a player that will try and make an impact as a TE in college, he played the WR position in high school. He’s a player that can step in and make plays right away if he knows the offense, but that would be mainly as a Wide Receiver. There are too many players and playmakers at the Tight End position as of now, so he’d have to wait his turn if he wanted to continue his college career. Players like Jake Butt, Devin Funchess, and AJ Williams are willing and able to play right now, which could lead to Bunting switching back to a wideout.

However, Bunting could be able to make the switch a lot easier than others. He played WR in High School so it shouldn’t be a big problem as far as transitioning goes. He is a player that is extremely athletic, displaying a unique ability to go out and catch deep balls, and throws that may not have been able to be caught. If Gardner stays for his last year of eligibility (Bunting’s freshman year) that duo could be electric together.

Honestly, I feel as if Bunting’s best option as a college player is to make this transition back to WR. He’ll see more action, and would only have to focus on his catching, speed. He can also rely on his size at this position as well, which could be something to consider if you were Bunting. He is a bit undersized for a TE as well, which is why I believe WR would be the most successful option for him and the Michigan offense. Offensive Coordinator Al Borges could have a field day with him as well. The pro-style offense could work wonders for the two, and could be exactly what Borges needs to get UM to that next level offensively.

Overall, I see Bunting as a player who could make an impact, depending on where he ends up. Michigan definitely got a big time recruit, and if they use him properly, he can make a bunch of noise. He’s a tall and fast receiver, something lacking at UM for quite sometime. Bunting is a player that will begin his tenure in 2014, which could be a make or break year for the Wolverines and the coaching staff, and I have a feeling he’ll be a big part of it. Excited to see what he has to offer as a Wolverine and more importantly, as a TE.

As always, Go Blue!


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