Statement from BBR

Good afternoon everyone, David Mormino here for BBR. Earlier today there was some tweets regarding the Syrian army and other things we here at BBR do not support whatsoever. It has came to our attention, and probably yours as well, that these tweets were posted to our account without our knowledge, and most importantly, without our consent.

We here at BBR are a family and we like to look at our followers as members of our family as well, so it is not our intentions for incidents like this to happen, or offend anyone who reads and enjoys our work. This is an embarrassing situation for us, and we will be back and stronger than ever as a site and as a group of young men delivering good news for the University.

We hope to remain as your top source of Michigan athletics, and we hope to remain apart of your daily routine.

That being said, our twitter handle (@BBlueRecruiting) will be down until further notice while we try and get this situation cleaned up and taken care of properly. However, our website will remain up and will continue to put out word of anything breaking from UM and it’s players. Follow us personally on our accounts (listed at the end of this post) to stay updated with what we are doing over on our site.

Thank you all for understanding and I promise you we will be back in no time! Situations like this happen, it’s not pretty, but it happens and I hope you all can hang in there with us.

As always, Go Blue!

While @BBlueRecruiting twitter is down, follow us all here: @Anthony_Broome, @BleedBlue_Gill, @nickBBR, and @DavidMorminoBBR. Again, we’ve been hacked.


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