Marvin Robinson Departure

Sr. Marvin Robinson, from Lake Eagle HS in Fla. has announced that he will transfer from the University of Michigan and shortly should be granted his release.

Robinson once was touted as one of the best safeties in his class but once he got to Michigan was somewhat on the outside looking in.

Despite some sparce flashes of brilliance and his well discussed athleticism on special teams, Robinson was never able to crack the starting lineup.  For three years the talk was, “How is Robinson not available to overtake a walk on for the starting spot.”  Obviously as we all know the walk on went on to be Jordan Kovacs who would grow into one of the leaders for the Wolverine defense the last two years.

Looking forward this move seemingly ensures that your starting safeties come kickoff will be Thomas Gordon and Jarrod Wilson with Dymonte taking over the role of the nickel guy.   The coaches must be pleased with the development Wilson has shown and Gordon, a senior has proven to be reliable with some big plays in recent years.  Thomas could take over Gordon’s role in 2014 once he graduates.

In his time at Michigan, Robinson was never able to develop and failed to reach his five star proclamations in his high school years, but certainly does still have great athletic ability and we here at BBR wish him the best in all his future endeavors.


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