Quick Analysis Series: KJ Williams

KJ Williams is a prospect who I like. Good size, good ability to play the ball, and has the ability to catch almost any ball thrown his way. Listed as 6’2, he seems like a player who will get better with age, not so much right away.

Williams has a few notable offers from some big BCS-AQ schools ranging from the Big Ten to the Pac-12 and SEC. Some notables are Michigan, Arizona, UCLA, Missouri, Wisconsin and Pittsburgh. So he definitely has the attention of the premiere conferences in the country, with more offers sure to come.

There are some coaches out there that are trying to lock this kid down, just based on his future, which is a good tactic in my opinion. Diamond in the rough typed player and could end up being a big contributor to an offense, and compliment others on the field well.

Here’s where I get hard on KJ; He is obviously a player that has a nice future ahead of him if all goes well, but as of right now it seems like more of a gamble bringing him in. It could go one of two ways, A.) he pans out and becomes a solid four year receiver for a good football program, and be a reliable player for that team. Or B.) He could take away a scholarship from the football program and not really develop how the coaches planned on, which is obviously something a coach and fans don’t want, but need to be aware of.

The reasons I say this is because as of right now, he is a bit robotic while running his offensive routes, and that scares me. Nothing would be worse than having him run a 6 yard route, when you needed 10 to get a first down, all because the playbook says it’s a 6 yard route. I’m sure he is more aware of his surroundings than that, but just an observation. The robotics also don’t help shaking receivers while route running, and that takes away his ability to make big plays often.

Moreover, I do this Williams has the ability to turn his skills into a productive player and I do think I’d choose option “A” if I had to. He has the talent and potential to grab attention from some of the top conferences in the FBS, so it’s not like he can’t play football.

Overall, KJ is a player that I would watch closely during the recruiting process, and make sure I know who I’m getting in return. He has the upside to be a wonderful addition to a program, but also lacks big play ability to help him become an elite prospect as of now. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong and he turns out to be a great player one day.

As always, Go Blue!

-David Mormino BBR


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