Adoree Jackson Update

Last night I was able to speak with the recent man of the hour in Adoree Jackson.  Before the commitment of Jabrill Peppers, news between Michigan and Adoree had been rather minimal besides just a general interest, but with the recent Breezy commitment interest has been booming and it seems all of Team 135 have turned their sights to Adoree.

The obvious is there, that Adoree grew up in the Midwest and now lives in California.  Thus he is used to the weather here and he has a lot of family in the Midwest.  News has been running rampant that Jabrill and Adoree talk frequently and have been in contact alot as of late.

Last night I was able to talk to Adoree on the phone and here is just a few key points of what he had to say.

-He and Jabrill have been talking for quite sometime now, even before Jabrill made his decision.  They have talked about playing together and Adoree thinks that together they could make up one of the greatest secondary duos ever.

-Adoree says he does have a great deal of interest in Michigan and that they are near the top of his list.

-Adoree plans to cut his list down to at least 10 schools Saturday, maybe even less, after his track meet.

-Adoree doesn’t have a set visit date yet but from talking to some of the commits, he hopes to take his visit at the Under The Lights 2 Game against ND.

-Adoree mentioned that he would be very comfortable at Michigan and that he has lots of family near Michigan so it would be like a second home to him.

-Adoree said he loves just about everything with Michigan so far.  Mentioned the academics, the tradition, the great fanbase, the coaches personalities and the camaraderie and friendliness of Team 135.

-Adoree also mentioned that he plans on making his decision sometime before or right after his season in the fall.

Adoree is a premier player in the 2014 class.  From watching his film you immeadiately take notice of his lightning speed, flexibility on the field, and dynamic playmaking ability.

Without a doubt he and Peppers could form the best secondary haul for 2014, especially if Parrker Westphal ends up a Wolverine.

From everything I can tell it seems like Adoree has Michigan almost nearly as his leader.  USC and UCLA will definitely be a tough challenge for his services, but I feel that if Michigan can get Adoree on campus for that ND game, that it is very possible that he doesn’t leave Ann Arbor without being a Wolverine.

Adoree and I will be staying in touch quite frequently so keep it locked here at for all the latest! GO BLUE.


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