2015 Getting to Know: Brett Brumbaugh

Brett Brumbaugh is a Quarterback that should already be on people’s radar for the 2015 recruiting season. He is a pro-style quarterback that 247 sports lists as 6-3’, 185lbs.

He comes from a family of QBs, has put up great numbers his sophomore year at South Fayette High School, and lead his team to an undefeated season until the WPIAL AA semifinals. His recruiting stock continues to rise at a steady rate. I was able to speak with him over the phone to talk about how his recruiting process has gone so far. He was super kind, and a pleasure to interview. We were even able to discuss some of his tastes in movies and music, although that probably isn’t relevant to his recruitment in any way.

-Where things stand with Michigan… “I actually haven’t talked to any coaches or any recruiting people from the University of Michigan. I talked to a couple of their sites, but other than that none of the University’s coaches have contacted me. I talked to MBlock and [Steve Lorenz] from 247 sports. Actually I did just get a letter from Michigan today so that was the first contact. It was just one of those camp invitations, where I can work with the Quarterback coach. I am definitely considering it, when you get an invitation from a school like Michigan it definitely deserves consideration. I grew up watching the B1G, and Michigan was always one of the top teams. They really have a great football program, a great education, and a nice campus.”

-How his recruiting process has gone so far… “Well, it’s been doing well. So far I have an offer from Akron, after that I have just been talking to a lot of schools, trying to get feel for everyone. I’ve talked to Arkansas, Virginia tech, Pitt, and Penn state. They are some big ones, they haven’t offered or anything, but I am really interested.  They are big time schools. I went down to one of Pitt’s spring practices, but other than that I haven’t visited any other schools. I am planning on visiting Virginia Tech sometime this summer, other than that I don’t have any plans.”

-About his upcoming junior season… “I am definitely excited, [last season] we came up one game away from the district finals, we just want to get back there, make it to Heinz field, and eventually if we can make it to the state finals, that’s what we are working for.”

-On his favorite music… “I listen to a little of everything. A lot of rap, a lot of hip hop. It goes from rap to some pop, a lot of Justin Bieber, I am a big Bieber fan.”

-On his favorite movie… “My favorite movie is Fox and the Hound, that old Disney movie. Me and my best friends, we love that movie, especially my family.”

Brett Brumbaugh currently lives in Pennsylvania and grew up a B1G kid. He grew up a Penn State fan, and is very familiar with most of the conference’s teams already. While Michigan has not had much contact with the young quarterback, he will certainly show up on the school’s radar as his recruiting process continues. He is certainly a young prospect to watch.


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