Quick Analysis Series: Adoree Jackson

On May 26th, 2013 Jabrill Peppers became yet another addition to the 2014 class for the Wolverines. Now imagine him paired up with one of the newest players on Michigan’s recruiting radar, Adoree Jackson. Jackson is one of the best DB prospects in this class and if he can pair up with arguably the best player in the class, buckle up.

Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison is about to gain one of the best defensive squads he’s had since joining the Wolverines in 2011, and I’m sure Jackson would love to be apart of it. Pairing him up with Peppers could mean unprecedented things for Michigan as far as coverage goes, and could lead to big time plays from an already big time class. The addition of Jackson would make them even better.

Coming as no shock, Jackson has released his top 10 list, and it goes as follows (alphabetically):
Florida St
Notre Dame
Oklahoma St

That is a nice list of offers, and seeing that there is top talent teams offering, Jackson has the ability to lock up an elite receiver at his position. His skill set is very smooth, as are his ball skills and hips being able to turn quickly and adjust to a route any receiver is running. What I see off the bat immediately is his quickness. Being that quick helps tremendously in a case where he gets beat or stumbles off the ball, he can recover fairly quickly and make a play when it’s all said and done. The next thing I notice is his ability to go up and catch the football and recognize the coverages. Knowledge is a big factor for any DB, and especially for a football player in general. With knowledge of the routes and the game itself, Jackson puts himself in front of a lot of DBs in his class, the main reason he is so highly touted.

Thirdly, he has all the ability to be a shutdown corner in the next level, and in the right situation, he could be an elite talent if he already isn’t. A three headed monster of Peppers, Jackson and Dymonte Thomas could lead to many pieces of hardware for the players, and the school itself. Is it far fetched to thing that UM can win a Big Ten title strictly on these 3 players alone? Of course. But they can be a core of players to make it happen.

The one thing that concerns me is his build for his position. He is 5′-10 and 171 pounds, but on the smaller size as far as build goes. He has solid height and ability to play football as a CB, but I would like him to be a bit bigger. It may not be a concern to most, but it makes me a tad uneasy against the bigger receivers.

Overall, Jackson has an uncanny ability to make this class even better than it is. He shows tremendous ball skills, knowledge of the game, and a good amount of talent to bring to any football team. If I was the coach of any team I his top ten, I’d be counting my blessings because shutdown corners aren’t picked off of trees. With the pressure heating up on his recruiting trail, don’t be surprised if he is being talked about even more than he already is. He’ll make any football team that much better, as well as his defense.

As always, go blue!


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