Insider Interview: Bleacher Report’s Andrew Kulha

Michigan’s football program has a ton of momentum going for it right now, both on the recruiting trail and their improved on-field product. In the wake of the Jabrill Peppers commitment, I had a chance to chat with Bleacher Report recruiting writer Andrew Kulha about all-things Michigan football.

AB: Give us your reaction on the Jabrill Peppers commitment to Michigan. How big of a deal is it? 

AK: Eventually, this could be a program changer for Michigan, at least in terms of perspective. It puts UM on the level of Alabama, Notre Dame, and USC in regard to ability to land big-name recruiting, and he could help attract other elite names as well.

AB: The biggest being 2014 defensive end Da’shawn Hand (the nation’s top-ranked player) I believe. What do you think the chances are that he is a part of this class?

AK: Significantly better now, but I think it’s going to be hard to get him out of state. Peppers would have to become his lead recruiter and Michigan will have to get him to officially visit for a big-atmosphere game.

AB: What do you think happens with this class going forward? A lot of big names are still on the board.

AK: It’s potentially a top-five class. A big name that I like for Michigan is defensive end Malik McDowell, who could potentially be as good of a pickup as Hand.

AB: How do you feel about the on-field product in coach Brady Hoke’s first two years at Michigan?

AK: It takes time to translate, plus he’s installing the pro-system. This year will be big to see how it works with a running back and quarterback that fit the system.

AB: What type of season do you think Michigan will have this year? What should a reasonable expectation be? 

AK: 9-3. Losses to Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State.

I think Andrew is spot-on in his prediction. The expectation this year should be to compete for the Big Ten Championship. I’m very impressed with the progress of the program since Hoke’s arrival, but I think it’s still going to be a bit longer until we see Michigan as the team it’s destined to become. Of course, it all starts with the talent they are bringing in, and that’s reason enough to be encouraged about the future of Michigan football.



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