Mason Cole Interview

One of our favorite players in the 2014 class is OL Mason Cole. I was lucky enough to land an interview with the 2014 commit, but first some background on Mason Cole the player.

Cole is a player that really brings power to the offensive side of the ball, and is a beast in the trenches. With players like David Dawson, Logan Tuley Tillman, and now Cole, it seems as if the wolverines are trying to bring back old school football to Ann Arbor, if that haven’t already. Cole is a player that really fits when you look at the depth chart for Michigan, especially now that Taylor Lewan will be in the NFL when Cole is on campus.

Now to the interview.

Q: Thank you [for doing this interview]. First off, being one of the first commits to a great class in 2014, what’s it like to start the revival of Michigan recruiting?

A: It feels good, we’ve all worked hard to get the rest of the commits on board.

Q: Being such a big prospect coming into the school, do you feel as if starting right away is a priority for you or do you prefer learning behind current players on the roster?

A: I plan in going in and competing, but that includes learning for my teammates

Q: I love the attitude man. The under the lights game vs ND should be a big time game for the class as far as talent being in AA. Do you look at this as an opportunity to really try and get some of the 5* players like a Da’Shawn Hand or Adoree Jackson to commit?

A: Hopefully they go and us commits get a chance to work on them

Q: Last question. What are you overall expectations for Team 135, and ultimately for your entire tenure at UM?

A: I expect nothing but great things at UM as a class and as a team.

Short but sweet, that’s exactly how I want players handling questions. Mason was nothing short of respectful during the interview and prior to the questions being asked as well. He seems like a man who has his head on his shoulders and knows his goals at hand. Overall I was impressed with what Cole brought to the table during the interview and when I watched him on the field.

Cole brings up a point most UM fans have been saying since the Outback bowl last year, “I expect nothing but great things at UM as a class and as a team.” I think that is the mindset for the 2013 team, 2014 team and every class from that point on. They seem like a brotherhood, and if you don’t think you can be great, commit somewhere else.

The interview was nothing crazy, but it shined light on something that many knew was there. Michigan has high hopes, and sure has the talent to get them there. UM is in a real good spot as far as recruiting, ability and marketing goes, so I would expect nothing by high expectations, and I am glad that Cole feels that they should be nothing shy of dazzling. Sounds to me like Mason Cole found Michigan as a home for him, and Michigan found a Michigan Man.

As always, Go Blue!


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