2015 Getting To Know: Minkah Fitzpatrick

Minkah Fitzpatrick, a 2015 CB out of New Jersey is one of the top cornerbacks in the 2015 class. At 6″ 180 lbs, Fitzpatrick is a dynamic playmaker who reminds me alot of a current Michigan commit from New Jersey in Jabrill Peppers.  Although not as dynamic as the aforementioned Peppers, Minkah projects as the top player for 2015 from the state of New Jersey and has had alot of Michigan interest as of late, especially with Pepper’s commitment.

From watching Minkah’s film you notice a few strengths that include his ability to change direction, his speed and his fluidity with his motions on the field.  A few things that Minkah could improve on would be his ability to get pressure on the QB with blitzes from the edge and also his hands at time seem to lack consistency.  Overall though, Minkah is a bonafide 4* guy for 2015.

Earlier this week I was able to chat with Minkah following Jabrill’s commitment and here is just a few things he had some thoughts on..

-What schools he is mainly interested in.. “I don’t really have a set group of schools.  I’m kind of just beginning the process and seeing what schools are all interested in me.”

-His thoughts on Michigan.. “I love everything about them so far.  I have been paying a great deal of attention to them and all I see are positives with the University.”

-Latest with Michigan.. “I have been talking with the recruiters and will probably visit there sometime in August.  A Michigan offer would be HUGE.”

-On whether the Peppers commit has had an impact on him.. “It shows to me that, they are a great school and program, especially when being able to land a commitment from one of the top players in the nation.”

-On a decision date.. “As of right now, probably not until Signing Day most likely.”

Minkah seemed to have a lot of excitement when saying that a Michigan offer would be huge for him.  The Peppers commitment once again has played a huge role in Michigan recruiting, albeit not with a 2014 commit like the others.

Peppers seems to be a role model of sorts for Fitzpatrick and they share a lot of similarities.  Both will without a doubt be the top player in NJ for their respective classes and both are also dynamic players in the secondary.

At this point I think it would be safe to say that sooner or later Fitzpatrick will land that Michigan offer.  Minkah will be a top priority for the 2015 secondary class when all attention shifts.  Minkah brings a lot to the table and would be a big get for Coach Hoke and Co.  All things aside, I can say that if Minkah lands that offer that Michigan will be in it til the end and will be a strong contender for the services of another #1 player in the state of New Jersey.


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