Catching up: 2014 WR commit Moe Ways

Since the commitment of Detroit Country Day’s WR standout Moe Ways, things have continued to stay hot on the recruiting trail for the Wolverines. I was able to catch up with him a couple days ago and get his take on the upcoming season and the development of “Project 135″.

ZM) “Moe, In your junior year you recorded 51 Catches, 951 Yards, and 9 Touchdowns. What are you doing to trump those stats going into your senior year?”

Moe) “I have been working out a lot. Lifting, speed training, perfecting my route running and my footwork–something different every day to get better at my craft and trying to be the best receiver I can be next year. I got my weight up to 197 lbs. right now but I’m trying to push 200-205 by August. I have been trying to work on my footwork and my speed and just trying to be more explosive with the ball.”

ZM) “You mentioned the off-season training regimen. How much does that combined with nutrition go into becoming the best wide receiver you can be?”

Moe) “Man, it’s a huge part of my game because during the season there isn’t much time to do individual workouts. It’s just team workouts at practice. The time for you to be by yourself is on your own time. That’s why the off-season is a big part of getting better. Having that extra time to perfect your craft, work on it, and become the best receiver that you can be. I take advantage of it a lot and I’m doing something different every day to become that much better for next season.”

ZM) “Did you grow up in Detroit?”

Moe) “Yeah, I did. I’ve been here for all 17 years of my life so Michigan is all I really know.”

ZM) “What college teams or players did you watch growing up?”

Moe) “Of course, I watched Michigan. Braylon Edwards was my favorite player and receiver. I liked Michigan. I liked USC a lot. UCLA and Texas back when Vince Young was there, and USC when Reggie Bush was there. I always liked the big name guys, but Braylon Edwards was definitely my favorite player.”

ZM) “As of right now, you are a part of the number one recruiting class in the country. Everybody is talking about how tight knit this class really is. How often do you talk to Wilton, Michael, Drake, and the rest of what has been dubbed ‘Project 135’?”

Moe) “We actually have a group chat and we talk multiple times a week about anything and everything. Those guys are really funny. There are a lot of jokes, you know? We’re getting real close. Although we haven’t all met each other in one place yet, there are connections that we’ve made that will strengthen our relationship next season. We all plan on going to the Notre Dame game this season just to hang out and meet each other and things like that. We talk a lot during the week and we are definitely getting close.”

ZM) “That is so awesome! This is a fan question from Bleed Blue Recruiting. They want to know how you guys have taken it upon yourselves to go out and recruit other top level talent. How does it work?”

Moe) “Yeah, we talk about it. We ask each other ‘Who is the next big target that we want to go after?’ and ‘Who would fit our team perfectly?’. Guys like Drake and Jabrill who are really high in the rankings and well known around the country, we tell those guys to go to the big name guys like Da’Shawn Hand and Adoree’ Jackson because they’ve been around each other at a lot of different camps and things. They already have a relationship built. We text the guys. We tweet them on Twitter. We’ll do anything and everything just to show them that we want them to be a part of our team and part of our class. The Coaches do what they do as far as recruiting and persuading them to come to Michigan, but the players see us also trying to get them and that means a little bit more to them than just being recruited by coaches. Our whole thing is about being a big family, a brotherhood, and having each other’s backs on the field and off the field and that’s what we pitch to the guys. Also, being a part of the best team in the country with the best recruiting class. We all have the mindset of winning a lot of Rose Bowls and a lot of crystal balls in the next 4-5 years. That’s also a big pitch that we use, as well.”

ZM) “Absolutely! Speaking of camps, do you plan on attending the BBQ at the Big House? Do you have any other trips planned this summer?”

Moe) “Yeah, I’ll definitely be at the BBQ. I might stop by the technician camp this summer just to work with Coach Heck and get some more work in.”

ZM) “You are receiving a full scholarship to the University of Michigan. What do you want to major in?”

Moe) “I’m majoring in Sports Management.”

ZM) “Another fan question from Bleed Blue Recruiting: ‘How will an offense of you, Drake Harris, Shane Morris, and Derrick Green compete and balance against B10 defenses?’”

Moe) “Yeah, that’s scary. Having Derrick Green, who is a heck of a running back, the sky is the limit for him. Shane Morris has a crazy arm. Me and Drake on the outside being big receivers and big targets. That’s a nightmare matchup for defenses. If you stop the run, we’re going to throw the ball and if you stop the pass we’re going to run the ball. That definitely gives us a great balanced attack on offense. It’s pick your poison. Also, you have other receivers like Funchess to try to stop. Our offense is really going to be a ‘pick your poison’ type of thing and we’re looking forward to that. We’re going to work hard to be that matchup nightmare that we want to be for these defenses. Also, it’s about having fun while you’re doing it. Football is a great sport and the fact that we can play with the best team in the country, in the best stadium, with the best fans. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’re really looking forward to that coming to fruition on the field.”

ZM) “Going into your senior season at Detroit Country Day, what are a couple of your goals either on or off the field?”

MOE) “First off, I want to get that championship. We fell short last year. We got to the game and lost but this year that’s my number one goal. I’m not really a big individual award type of guy. I mean, those are great and they come with the territory, but I’m all about the team. That’s part of the reason why I want to go to Michigan. The Team, the Team, the Team. I just really want that ring. I want to end my senior season with a bang being a state champion. That’s a bond that I’ll have for the rest of my life. I’ve been going to school with these guys since middle school and winning a state championship with them would be something I would not ever forget. Also, I want to outdo myself from last year. Catch more passes, have more yards, and score more touchdowns. I’m always trying to get better and outdo myself and exceed my own expectations. I’m working hard right now and I feel like those things are going to come to fruition.”

ZM) “Thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at Bleed Blue Recruiting. We will definitely be keeping an eye on you as you continue through your senior year at Detroit Country Day. We, as a staff, wish you the best of luck. Do you have any final words you want to leave our readers with before you go?”

Moe) “Go Blue! I can’t wait to get there in 2014. Something special is happening in Ann Arbor. I can’t wait to get there and make it happen. A lot of Rose Bowls are going to be coming in the next 4-5 years, so just get ready!”


One thought on “Catching up: 2014 WR commit Moe Ways

  1. >Moe) “Go Blue! I can’t wait to get there in 2014. Something special is happening in Ann Arbor. I can’t wait to get there and make it happen. A lot of Rose Bowls are going to be coming in the next 4-5 years, so just get ready!”

    That gets me hyped!

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