2015 Getting To Know: Shemar Moss

Shemar Moss is a freight train at the LB position and at this point may be one of the most underrated LB prospects of the 2015 class.  At 6’2, 215 lbs, Moss hits people like a mad man.  When he hits you and gets his hands on you, your more than likely going down.  Not to mention the kid has a hell of a motor and just from watching his film, you notice that he never gives up on a play and can be seen tackling the ball carrier anywhere on the field.  One thing from I picked up from his highlights, is that at times I feel like he struggles fighting off blocks and also that at times he comes with too much steam and takes himself out of place, leading to big gains.  Sure enough, these things can be fixed with growth, maturity, and experience.

Moss has really been getting his name out there since a stellar sophomore season at Marion Franklin, and has long been known as someone who really likes Michigan.  Not to mention, he has a plethora of raw ability.

Earlier last week I was able to get to know Shemar Moss better, and here is what he had to say..

-On his favorite schools so far.. ” My top 3 schools are Michigan, Cincinnati, West Virginia, in that order.  I also have been hearing a lot from Indiana lately.”

-What he likes about Michigan.. ” I love just about everything, from the fans, to the campus size, to the stadium atmosphere, the hard work on the field, the academics.  Not to mention, my best friend, Jaron Dukes has a huge influence on me.  He wants me to be with him, and I want to be a part of that, as well.”

-On whether a commitment could happen on the spot of an offer.. ” If they were to offer, it would be hard not to commit right away.”

-On what a Michigan offer would mean.. ” It would mean my hard work was paying off and that a dream was coming true.  Plus, they are the school I’m most interested in, so I would be thrilled.”

-On a possible visit.. ” Whenever I am able to set something up with the coaches, I really want to get up there and check everything out.”

-Decision Date.. ” After I take my visits, I would like to make my decision.”

I haven’t seen a player that is as excited about Michigan, as Shemar is in years.  He seems to like everything about the Wolverines, and with another successful season, as a junior, he could be well on his way to a Michigan offer.

Right now I would say he projects as a 3* prospect, but with a stellar season, he could end up at 4* status.  With two years left to go of high school ball, anything is possible, but without a doubt, Shemar is definitely a player to keep your eye on for the 2015 class.


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