Player Interview: 2014 Basketball Prospect Vince Edwards

Small forward Vince Edwards is one of Michigan’s targets for their 2014 recruiting class. He is a 6-7, 200 pound product from Middletown, Ohio and is a composite four-star prospect, according to the major recruiting services. He is a wing player that could definitely fill a need for John Beilein and the program, and I recently caught up with him to see where he is at in his recruitment.

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AB: First off, how’s the recruiting process going for you?

VE: Really good.

AB: What schools are you still hearing from?

VE: Michigan, Purdue, Dayton, Texas Tech, Miami

AB: Is anyone in the lead for you at the moment or are you still trying to figure it out?

VE: I’m still figuring it out.

AB: What kind of impression has Michigan left on you?

VE: A great one. Not just with the coaches and technology they have or even their history in basketball, but their academics and education as well.

AB: What is something you hope you can bring to the team, no matter what program you end up at?

VE: Just leadership and confidence and definitely energy.

AB: Is there an NBA or college player that you look up to or model your game after?

VE: Definitely Carmelo Anthony. Just the way he scores and how he scores is hard to guard. He keeps his game a mystery to his defenders and makes it hard to defend because of his versatility.

AB: Do you have any visits lined up? Have you made it out to Ann Arbor yet?

VE: No sir, not yet. I have been up (to Ann Arbor) once and that was the last game they played against Indiana.

AB: Wow, what a great atmosphere to be a part of!  What was that like?

VE: It was crazy with the maize out and everything. I mean, it can’t get any better than that.  It definitely gives you chills and it was a real nail-biter.

AB: Do you have a timeline for when you’re going to commit somewhere or will it just be when the time is right?

VE: Like I told the Dayton Daily news when they called me, my timeline is before my senior season starts, but if I wake up knowing in my heart that one of these colleges is the right one for me, then I’ll pick up the phone and call the head coach.

AB: Thank you so much for your time, and best of luck in your decision!

VE: No problem, and thank you.

It sounds like Vince Edward is still unsure of where he’ll be at come 2014, but many experts believe that the race will come down to Michigan and Purdue. He’s a good kid with a ton of promise. Whoever lands him will be bring a hell of a player into the fold.

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