Update: Adoree Jackson

Adoree Jackson was one of many top performers this past weekend in the Rivals Challenge that was hosted at Soldier Field, in Chicago.

Over Twitter there were some grumblings that Adoree favored the Florida Gators, but rumors nonetheless.  Earlier tonight, I was able to chat with Adoree and address the rumors and a few other things as well.  Here is what he had to say:

-On the Florida rumors from this past weekend.. “That’s funny man, I guess you can’t root for a team.”

-His performance in his own eyes.. ” I felt it was an easy going and fun competition, all fun!  I personally felt like I killed it.”

-On his conversations with Michael Ferns.. “Great guy, he had me throwing up that Michigan M a few times.”

-On if coaches have mentioned whether he could run track at Michigan.. “The coaches said that I could run and be on the track team after my Freshman year.”

First of all, when I asked the Florida question he seemed to be quite surprised, even going as far as saying, “Rumors?”.  You could say he was amazed at the things on Twitter and shocked at the same time.  He quickly shot that down though and still continued to say that he didn’t have a true leader, which at this point, I still believe to be true.

The track question, is something that many of you wanted to know.  For Adoree, in my eyes, track is a part of the equation of the school for him.  Many of you guys said that he couldn’t run track if he was a Wolverine which was not true.  The coaches allowing him to run track after his freshman year, could be HUGE for the Wolverines’ chances.

Although just a quick update, I deem it rather important.  Adoree and I usually speak about once a week so if anything else comes through the wires I will definitely be In contact with him.  All things aside he put on quite a show in Chicago this past weekend, and once again showcased his ability as a top tier 5* CB for 2014.  I still see Michigan being in it until the end for his services.


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