Quick Analysis Series: Juwann Bushell-Beatty

Before the hysteria of Jabrill Peppers, Paramus Catholic’s football program had a commit to the University of Michigan in the form of OT Juwann Bushell-Beatty. Bushell-Beatty is an interesting prospect from my perspective. He doesn’t get as much national coverage as you would think, considering he stands 6′-7 and weighs 330 pounds. I think Bushell-Beatty fits in nicely with the Wolverines, and can take over either as a RT or a LT when he gets to campus.

If he is at RT, I think that is where he could succeed the most. Mainly because I feel there will be a bit more competition at LT with the class he’s in, and the previous. Bushell-Beatty is a 4 star prospect (according to 247 sports) with gobs of talent, and a real talent as far as upper body strength goes. More often than not you will see Bushell-Beatty manhandling a DL while the play is going on. He is also fairly quick for a lineman, and is pretty mobile given his size and weight. Coming off the ball is not a problem for him, he beats a lot of opponents off the ball.

Bushell-Beatty is ranked the 18th overall OT and 7th in his state (according to 247 sports) so his commitment just adds to an already stellar class for 2014. I feel as if Bushell-Beatty will be a solid addition to the class, but it will come in time. I don’t see him as a player that comes in right away, he will have to pay his dues before getting some action. I think he has the build and ability to play the OT position, but is not limited to that position only. If he can be open to switching to either guard position, it could increase his chances of seeing the field.

Furthermore, Bushell-Beatty is a nice piece that fits in nicely with what the Wolverines are trying to build in Ann Arbor; a smashmouth type offense with a mammoth offensive line. Coach Funk will attempt to groom him as far as technique and positioning goes, which will help mold him to either a solid OT or OG choice. There is a realistic shot that UM’s line could end up being one of the best in the Big Ten if all goes as expected. Having that type of line could produce another 1,000 yard back, which would be UM’s first since Fitzgerald Toussaint in 2011.

Moreover, Bushell-Beatty has a shot to be a solid player for the Wolverines, especially if they clean up his technique a bit. The future for Bushell-Beatty is likely an OT, but don’t be too surprised if he is moved to an interior line position.

As always, Go Blue!



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