Sound Mind Sound Body: Day 3 Recap

Today, was the last day of this exquisite camp and it did not fail to disappoint. For many players it was their last shot to get their name out there for quite a while, and several coaches took notice. Not to mention, there was quite the special visitor that had flown in from New Jersey the night before. Here are our notes and observations from Day 3 of camp.

-First and foremost, the special visitor I mentioned came in the form of 2015 DE/TE Tyrone Wheatley Jr.  For many this was their first time seeing him in person and boy, he sure impressed.  His size is obviously a big thing that sticks out.  He towers over everybody else, even at the early age of 16.  He has a great set of hands and made several great catches in 1 on 1’s.  The only thing I feel he struggles with, is his fluidity.  From watching him it seems like he is sometimes too tense in the hips and may struggle to fight off blocks.  Also though, fluidity comes with maturity and Wheatley still has two years to grow and mature.  Towards the end, his father pulled him out of workouts, none other to talk to Michigan TE coach, Dan Ferrigno.  Wheatley should be a 4* kid and will definitely have Michigan in it til’ the end.

-The only man to shut down Wheatley all day, was 2017 LB Joshua Ross.  Name sound familiar?  He is the younger brother of current Michigan LB, James “Biggs” Ross.  Even at the early age and class, you can already see the enormous potential that oozes.  Right now he is at about 6ft, 180 lbs and still should grow to be a bit bigger than his older brother is.  Josh shows a great motor and ball skills for being so young, not to mention, when we chatted with him he seemed pretty excited about Michigan.  Josh is a guy you should keep your eyes on as the next couple of years progress.

-2016 Canadian prospect, Patrice Rene, had himself quite the final day.  Coming into the weekend he was a relative unknown to many, but now finds himself leaving Detroit, with plans to be back in Michigan next week.  Why?  He will be camping at Michigan and was pretty excited about it.  At about 6’1 , 175 lbs Rene showed a great burst of speed all weekend and not to mention a great set of hands.  Patrice is a kid who has a great head on his shoulders and could blow up nationally after camp season is over.  Michigan, MSU, and OSU were just a few of many schools keeping close tabs on these young, budding star.

-2015 Oak Park Product John Kelly was at it again Saturday.  He really had a great weekend for himself and definitely had the eyes of the Michigan coaches on him.  He showed his versatility in playing both offensive and defensive roles for 1v1’s and also showed a great ability to lead by example and track the ball in the air while getting solid positioning.

-2014 MLK CB Jalen Embry really boosted his stock this weekend.  After reading all about him I was finally able to see him in person and boy did he not disappoint.  He showed speed, hip fluidity, and strength.  Embry should see a few more offers come his way after his dominating performance this weekend.  Embry has shown, that with a dominating camp performance, you can really catch the attention of coaches all around.

-2016 MI RB Matt Falcon, was one of the top performers all weekend and showed why he will be the premier back for the class of 2016 in the state of Michigan.  Falcon is a big kid for just entering his sophomore year of high school.  Not to mention, he has lofty expectations for himself and expects to lead the state in rushing.  Kid has a good dose of confidence and is a very determined individual.  Kid has the ability to be one of the best backs to come out of Michigan in recent history.  Mentioned OSU and Michigan as two schools he is really interested.  He will camp at Michigan Tuesday.

-Finally, 2015 CB from GA, Tyler Woodley was able to showcase all his talents to the Michigan coaches this weekend and he definitely capitalized.  Tyler has really beefed up and put on a nice combination of weight and muscle and definitely is beginning to jolt his stock.  Tyler mentioned this weekend that if Michigan offers he will probably without a doubt commit to Coach Mattison on the spot.  Tyler, I feel like, only has one thing holding him back and that is his height.  Without a doubt he has room to grow and has the heart to drive him to all his goals.  He has long been excited about Michigan and I really hope that this kid gets a Michigan offer.  He has damn well earned it.

SMSB was a great experience for all involved and was huge for us at BBR.  It was our first dose of live action and we were able to chat with many top prospects and Michigan targets.  Expect interviews up periodically throughout the week and check out the podcast this week for a nice overall roundup of the event.  I hope you guys enjoyed our coverage and congratulations to all the prospects who made a name for themselves this weekend.  Persistence is the key to success, Never lose sight of your dreams.

Also big thanks to Anthony and Nick for making the drive to help cover this special event!

As always, GO BLUE!


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