SMSB Interviews: 2015 RB Jacques Patrick

The 2015 class is home to several great runningbacks, all of whom have some sort of interest from the Michigan coaching staff or vise versa.  Many know of Damien Harris and Mike Weber, but the new name that was on campus a few days ago, comes in the form of 2015 Timber Creek (FL) RB Jacques Patrick.

Patrick is a RB with good size at about 6’2, 6’3 with dynamite speed and the ability to be a threat whenever he touches the ball.  Patrick has over 30 offers already and is one of the most highly touted runningbacks in the class.

Patrick was on campus a few days ago and was at SMSB, although not performing, to chat with coaches and get to know some of the Michigan and Ohio State staff.  I was able to chat with the home run threat himself just after he spoke with coaches and here is what he had to say.

-On how his visit to Ann Arbor went.. “It went well. I was able to chat with Coach Jackson for an hour and he told me how of all the runningbacks in the 2015 class, I am the number one back and than spoke with Coach Hoke about the Michigan degree, and that when I get on campus if I go there, that I have to earn a degree and be a student athlete.  I was able to see what I wanted to see, kind of have my own little photoshoot.  I walked around campus and took some photos in the stadium and what not.”

-On whether distance is a factor.. “My cousin coaches at Martin Luther King.  We’re trying to get my brother some oppurtunities so he will be big for me.  If he were to go to school up here it’d be big but also if he were to stay down south it would also be big for me.  I have been with my brother all my life and family is big for me.”

-Timetable.. “Nothing is set right now, but after my 7 on 7 season and tour I plan on sitting down with my mom and coaches to do a bit of research and see what school is right for me.”

-Things he is looking for in a school.. “A great academic program and where I can contribute early on, and of course where I feel most comfortable.”

-All American Games.. “Actually, Mike Farrell reached out to me about the Under Armour Game.  Usually they take time in picking runningbacks but he said that after my performance down in Columbus at Top Gun, that he’ll get back to me.”

-Strength and Weakness of Game.. “My vision is really good for a RB.  A weakness is that I can always get better.  I’ll never be the perfect runningback so I am always looking to get better as a player.”

Jacques went on to tell me that he plans on getting back up to Michigan for a game this fall and seemed pretty intrigued when I asked him about the ND game.

Whether it is just a recruiting thing or not, I find it surprising that Fred said Patrick is the top back for 2015 when players like Weber and Harris have such great Michigan interest, but nonetheless I would be ecstatic landing any of the three.  All three are stud backs and players who could line up every down.

In the 2015 class I see Michigan taking two RB’s due to the fact that I don’t see any runningbacks being apart of the 2014 class.  Michigan could walk away with two of Harris, Weber, and Patrick just to name a few.

At this point Patrick seems to just be getting to know schools, but the connection is there with his cousin Terel Patrick coaching at MLK so anything is possible.  Patrick may end up the number one back overall for 2015 so his recruitment is definitely something to keep an eye on as time goes on.  He brings everything to the table that you look for in a premier, every down back.



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