SMSB Interviews: Lawrence Marshall

Now I know that earlier, a few days back, we mentioned a bit of what he had to say about where things are at now, but here is our full transcript of what 2014 DE commit Lawrence Marshall had to say .

Lawrence looks really well and has added even more muscle, looks like manchild at 6’4 probably 250 by now.  Built like a tank and may find himself early playing time if he continues to bulk up at the rate he is.  He was at SMSB but not performing and I was able to grab him for a few after he chatted with the Michigan coaches at length.

-On what it would mean to land Hand.. “I haven’t gotten in contact with him but all the other guys have.  It would be great, I could play the weakside, Leek at the tackle, Hand at strongside and Mone at the nose.  It would be perfect, maybe one of the best lines ever.”

-On who the target is on the board now.. “Well my next target is without a doubt, Malik McDowell. Everybody else has their eyes set on Da’Shawn Hand, we gotta get him.”

-On if he will visit for the ND game.. “Yeah I will be at that game, a lot of people are coming up there.  I think Hand will be there for that one and I want to try and get Malik up there for that as well.”

-On why he wasn’t participating.. “I work out everyday so I gotta get ready for the season.  We got Cass Tech first game, so that’s on all our minds.”

-Goals for his senior season.. “Win a state championship.  Nothing less than that.  That’s all our goals for this year.”

Lawrence seems to be fully committed to Michigan.  I just don’t see him leaving, even if USC comes calling.  It wouldn’t make sense to me, especially with the fact that he is so hard pressed on getting Malik and Hand to join him in AA.

Lawrence is a great guy and he knows what he has to do to be successful.  He is still growing and getting bigger, adding the muscle that most people add in their first year of college.  He should have quite the senior season at Southfield High School.

Everybody that is committed to Hoke, knows how big it would be to land Hand and the full court press seems on.  It should be a nice ride down the stretch in both the races to land Hand and McDowell.

At this point, I see Michigan leading for both, and with that we could be smelling some roses relatively soon while landing one of the greatest defensive line hauls in modern recruiting history.



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