SMSB Interviews: 2017 LB Josh Ross

James Ross could be one of the hottest names currently on the Michigan roster after a freshman season that showed promise, several insane offseason GIFs, and being named the most improved player on the team. His younger brother, Josh “The Diesel” Ross, has the potential to be even better. Josh is currently heading into his freshman (!) year, yet stood out as one of the top LBs at the Sound Mind Sound Body camp this past weekend. We were able to get a few words in with the young prospect later on Day 3.

Schools interested in: “Michigan, Notre Dame, Indiana”

What you like about Michigan: “I like the facilities, how hard the kids work, and the academics.”

Things you are looking for in a college: “In general a winning program and a good coach; good defensive coordinator. That’s what I’m looking for basically. You know Mattison baby.”

Biggest weakness of your game: “Pass coverage, that’s about it. That’s what I’m working on this summer. I’m going to try to get better.”

Varsity as a freshman: “No I’m playing for the Cubs next year (Westside Cubs, PAL League).”

Goals for the upcoming season: “Dominate, and win a national championship.”

Camp settings do not favor LBs as much as they do for other positions. Pass coverage is one of the few areas where LBs can be accurately analyzed, and that is what caught our eye while watching him. If that area of his game is where he feel that he needs work, then the future is very bright for Josh. His shinning moment was locking up potential 5-star TE, 2015 recruit Tyrone Wheatley Jr., a feat that no one else (that we saw) could accomplish. I doubt that Indiana will be a long time factor in Josh’s recruitment given the potential he already possesses at such a young age, but crazier things have happened. Michigan and Norte Dame showing interest in the recent middle schooler speaks volumes about his skill, and at this rate I would expect him to be at least a consensus four star when the time comes. Given the family affiliation, I expect Michigan to be in his recruitment until the end, which feels like light-years away. For all the latest on Michigan recruiting, stay tuned to BBR. As always, Go Blue!

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