Michigan adds 2013 Walk-On QB Garrett Moores

Garrett Moores. Twtrland.

Today the QB picture for Michigan just got a little bit stronger as the team has added Garrett Moores from Detroit Catholic Central as a walk-on. Garrett will step on campus this fall and will probably be in the mix for the third string QB spot. While there are more experienced QB options behind Devin Gardner and Shane Morris in walk-ons Brian Cleary and Alex Swieca, neither has impressed so far and could be overtaken by Garrett, in my opinion.

Garrett is currently listed as 6’4.5” and 200lbs according to his highlight tape, so he has a better frame than his walk-on counterparts. He will need to add a good 20lbs before he can contribute significantly, but could see time early in garbage situations. I would expect the coaching staff to try and redshirt the freshman, but if Devin or Shane goes down early in the season, things could change. Learning a whole new playbook only weeks before the season will be a main reason that he will probably be redshirted, but with a 4.06 GPA and an ACT score of 30, it is clear that he is no mental slouch. Even if Garrett does not see the field this year, he still brings in valuable depth and an impressive skill set that should make him a useful scout team QB. Here’s why…

The first thing to note about Garrett is his impressive size for the QB position. At nearly 6’5”, he will be able to see over the NYC skyline that is the Michigan offensive line. While he looks comfortable in the pocket, Garrett not only has the mobility to create time, but also has the speed to be a legitimate dual threat. He will step on campus easily as the second fastest QB, and would give Borges some flexibility if he were to see the field. It’s hard to say that he has a cannon, given what Shane has shown us, but Garrett’s arm strength should not be in question. He also seems accurate on tape, and appears to have the touch necessary to make deep throws. His ability to throw on the run is also impressive, as he seems to have the skill and decision making to be very effective.

Overall, Michigan fans should be nothing but excited about this player. He is very underrated, and will provide immediate depth to a position in question. It may not be as ideal immediately as bringing in a 5th year transfer, but early knowledge of his commitment could have eased the need for a transfer. Garrett should at least make ripples in the QB conversation down the road, as he found an ideal time to enter the picture. With him on campus, whoever wins the 3rd string option will be that much more tested. Best of all, his commitment does not take up a scholarship, so Michigan can still fully pursue their super-class for 2014. For the latest on Michigan recruiting, stay tuned to Bleed Blue Recruiting. As always, Go Blue!

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