Quick Analysis Series: Noah Furbush

The 2014 recruiting cycle is in full effect, and you can tell that teams are still trying to make and impact on players prior to signing day in February. One of those teams is the Michigan Wolverines. They seem to be making an impact on a lot of these class members, especially in the last week or so. Gaining commitments from Freddy Canteen, Brandon Watson, and now, OLB Noah Furbush. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Furbush, you can check out his highlights here, 

but for those who are familiar, you know that Furbush is a monster. Furbush is a 4 star prospect (according to ESPN) that has potential (in my opinion) to mirror what Jake Ryan has done in recent years with Michigan, and no, I don’t think that is a stretch. Furbush has the athletic ability to go after the quarterback in a similar fashion as Ryan, and also possesses the ability to wrap up ball carriers in the backfield for losses. Greg Mattison is a guy who is going to absolutely have a field day with Furbush, and once he sees the field there may not be any possibility of getting him off it.

Standing 6′-4, weighing in at 230 pounds, Furbush is at a good weight for the quick-attack style defense that he plays, and is at a good size to play either the outside linebacker position, or defensive end. There is definitely a lot to like from Furbush, and I think that he truly has potential to be an impact player for years to come for the Wolverines, and it could start the second he gets on to the field as a starter for the Wolverines, whenever that may be.

Depending on how you look at it, there is a good chance Furbush could see the field in some action while he is a freshman, all depending on who leaves the program, who graduates, and who goes onto the NFL. If Jake Ryan has another stellar season once he rehabs, he could be looking at an NFL decision in his future, similar to Taylor Lewan, and that could open the door for Furbush to take over his position. If that happens, the Wolverines could possibly not miss a beat due to the absence of Ryan from their team once his decision is made. If Ryan ends up staying, Furbush has a chance to learn from one of the best LB prospects in the country, and could help him extremely in his preparation for the next level. As a Michigan writer, I would love to see Ryan really take Furbush under his wing and teach him what it takes to be a Michigan football player, and what it takes to be a truly elite linebacker in college football.

Greg Mattison has a lot to do with Furbush and how he plays in college as well. If the second option of that scenario happens and Furbush has to learn from Ryan, Furbush has a chance to do something that not many people have; Furbush has a chance to learn from an elite coach as well as an elite linebacker. That means that Furbush will be full of knowledge of the game, know the schemes, techniques and really be able to take advantage of everything that was offered to him while he was recruited.

Of course these are all hypothetical, but Furbush is in one of the best situations that a recruit can be in coming into a school, which bodes well for each party. Another thing I notice while watching film of him is that he is a one man wrecking crew. He dominates at the line of scrimmage, and does a very good job at sliding to where the ball carrier will be, not where he is, which is why he makes so many plays in the backfield. The 2014 class that Michigan has is also one thing that will make Furbush a great player. He is in a good situation as far as defensive backs, defensive line and linebackers go, so he will have a legitimate shot at hitting his full potential because of this. With great players surrounding him, he will have a fantastic shot at doing what Jake Ryan has done for majority of his career at Michigan, and I don’t see why Furbush can’t do what Ryan has done.

Overall, Noah Furbush is a stud, and he will get his shot to play at Michigan. He will be a player that many know the name of while he attends classes at Michigan, but something tells me he’ll be a bit more than your average OLB. His play is quick hitting, attacking the ball carrier and flat-out making plays. If Furbush begins to learn or take lessons from Jake Ryan, it could lead to Michigan obtaining a clone of him. Noah Furbush has a lot to live up to, but I think he will live up to the expectations while learning under both Greg Mattison and Jake Ryan. 

As always, Go Blue!


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