Team 134: Freshman Previews and Predictions

Here are the rankings of Michigan’s 27 football recruits.

Along with the rankings, each player of the 2013 class is compared to a past Michigan player and a 2013 season prediction is given.

1. Derrick Green (5’11 220) RB Comparison: Chris Perry (6’0 224)

Perry was an explosive player with size.

Green will be expected to carry the load as Michigan’s starting running back as soon as next season.

He will see some spot carries this year in relief of Fitz Toussaint, Justice Hayes, and Thomas Rawls as a true freshman.

2013 Prediction: Green should get some carries, but will be hard to come by with Toussaint, Hayes, and Rawls.

2. Henry Poggi (6’4 260) DT Comparison: (Mike Martin 6’2 292)

Poggi will be expected to be the defensive line’s leader by his junior season.

Martin was shorter and weighed more than Poggi, but the explosiveness off the line of scrimmage is the comparison. Poggi will get his fair of sacks and tackles in the backfield.

2013 Prediction: Poggi will be behind Jibreel Black, Quinton Washington, and Willie Henry and should redshirt.

3. Patrick Kugler (6’5 280) C Comparison: (David Molk 6’2 280)

Molk put on 20 pounds in his time at Michigan. Kugler could very well do the same.

With an inexperienced Jack Miller and two walk-ons (Graham Glasgow) Kugler could step in at any time as the starter.

2013 Prediction: The center job is Miller’s to lose. Expect him to win it in practice and keep it until he does something to lose it.

4. Kyle Bosch (6’5 311) RG Comparison: (David Baas 6’5 300)

Bosch comes to Michigan with similar size as Baas did.

2013 Prediction: Bosch will back up Kyle Kalis at right guard. He will definitely be in the rotation for snaps every game.

5. Shane Morris (6’3 183) QB Comparison: (Tom Brady 6’5 213)

Brady’s arm strength kept him on the field at Michigan when his horizontal didn’t quite catch up to his vertical. Morris too is under weight for his height.

Both had extreme arm strength at the high school level, Morris was a top recruit while Brady was just an average recruit that wasn’t expected to make an impact at college, let alone the NFL.

Morris needs to improve accuracy and bulk up; a Devin Gardner injury would force Morris in to meaningful minutes.

Morris’ mobility is a plus that most pocket passers don’t have. He can get out of the pocket in a hurry and throw it down field. Accuracy is Morris’ weak point; hopefully the receivers are able to bail him out and make life easier on him.

2013 Prediction: Will play more than you think. Hoke will not let Gardner stay in games that Michigan is blowing opponents out. He would rather keep his only experienced quarterback healthy and give his backup lots of time in the right situations to gain experience.

6. Taco Charlton (6’6 249) DE Comparison: (Glen Steele 6’4 299)

2013 Prediction: Will battle Mario Ojemudia for spot playing time to give the starter Frank Clark some rest. If he proves he is better than Ojemudia he won’t redshirt.

7. Jake Butt (6’6 231) TE Comparison: (Tyler Ecker 6’6 250)

Both big bodied guys that specialize in blocking but know how to catch the ball.

2013 Prediction: With Devin Funchess, a freshman all-American from a year ago back and A.J. Williams back also, Butt could redshirt if he doesn’t get many opportunities.

8. Chris Fox (6’6 297) LG Comparison: (Jake Long 6’7 315)

Fox with time, has a chance to work his way up the depth chart.

Long had the size and explosiveness making him impossible to get around. If Fox works on his speed, the size will come with time, making him a force.

2013 Prediction: Expect him to be third-string left guard behind Ben Braden and Joey Burznski. Redshirt.

9. Dymonte Thomas (6’2 192) SS Comparison: (Jamar Adams 6’2 214)

When a defensive back has size, he is almost guaranteed an opportunity to play.

Thomas isn’t a slouch and neither was Adams. Look for Thomas to earn playing time early in his career whether that’s this year or next year.

2013 Prediction: Thomas has an outside chance at winning the strong safety job. Will compete with Jarrod Wilson and Courtney Avery. If he doesn’t win it, and is backup, he will see some playing time. If third-string, redshirt.

10. Logan Tuley-Tillman (6’7 307) RT Comparison: (Jon Jansen 6’6 305)

Both came in to their respective Michigan classes as big offensive linemen.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt; will be third-string right tackle this year behind Michael Schofield and Erik Gunderson.

11. Mike McCray (6’4 230) LB Outside Sam Comparison: (Prescott Burgess 6’3 232)

Burgess came in and methodically worked his way up the depth chart.

McCray will have to wait for Jake Ryan, Desmond Morgan, and Brennen Beyer to move on before he will see time.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

12. David Dawson (6’4 282) RG Comparison: (Adam Kraus 6’6 295)

Like Kraus, Dawson comes in to Michigan under 300 pounds. Kraus made the most of his weight with his tall build and Dawson will do the same.

Dawson is a weight room warrior that is stronger than his size shows.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt; will be fourth string right tackle this year behind Schofield, Gunderson, and Tuley-Tillman.

13. De’Veon Smith (5’11 218) RB Comparison: (David Underwood 6’0 225)

Whether he was behind Chris Perry or Michael Hart, Underwood was never the ‘number one guy’ at Michigan. Likely will be the case for Smith who is in the same class as five-star recruit Derrick Green. Green is expected to see the most true-freshman playing time in the fall.

If Smith wants to get on the field, he will have to accept his role as the back that gives Green a breath and carry it 5-10 times a game as a junior and senior. He won’t be getting 25 carries a game, but will be able to take advantage of his fresh legs in the fourth quarter to provide the Wolverines with a boost.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt.

14. Ben Gedeon (6’3 215) LB Inside Mike Comparison: (Kenny Demens 6’1 236)

Will be in a constant battle with McCray for the little playing time in first couple seasons.

After that, will have to prove he is better than at least two of the three 2014 linebacker commits to earn an important role: Michael Ferns, Chase Winovich, and Noah Furbush.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

15. Da’Mario Jones 6’2 185) WR Comparison: (Tai Streets 6’3 207)

Jones is a player to watch to see playing time early in his Michigan career, possibly to relieve Jeremy Gallon and Joe Reynolds.

Wouldn’t hurt him to gain some weight. If he does, it is going to be tough to keep him off the field.

His size, like Streets, provides a matchup problem for whichever defensive position is matched up against him. Too big for a cornerback and too fast for a linebacker, Jones can take over a game if he uses his advantage depending on the defender matched up against him.

2013 Prediction: Possible playing time; possibly enough not to be able to redshirt.

16. Wyatt Shallman (6’3 245) FB Comparison: (B.J. Askew 6’3 233)

Shallman is Michigan’s first true fullback of the Hoke era.

With being behind Joe Kerridge (walk-on) and Sione Houma, it shouldn’t take Shallman long to move up the depth chart to see playing time in short yardage situations.

Askew was used as extra muscle in two yards or less situations, Shallman likely will be the same.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

17. Delano Hill (6’0 198) FS Comparison: (Stevie Brown 6’0 211)

If Hill can’t beat out five-star 2014 recruit Jabrill Peppers, look for him to either transfer or switch to a linebacker position, like Brown.

Position change isn’t easy, but with athleticism like Brown, Hill shouldn’t have much of a problem adjusting.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

18. Jourdan Lewis (5’10 159) CB Comparison: (Markus Curry 5’11 181)

Lewis Curry came in to Michigan with the same size. Curry put on about 20 pounds by the end of his career. Curry impressed enough despite his size and criminal history to earn time in the NFL.

With the likeliness of Blake Countess and Raymon Taylor leaving in the next two years and Lewis redshirting one of them, he will definitely be in the mix for serious playing time in 2015 as a RS. Sophomore.

He will compete with Delonte Hollowell, Terry Richardson, and fellow incoming freshmen Reon Dawson and Ross Douglas for playing time this season.

Lewis has similar quickness as Curry and both have track backgrounds in high school.

2013 Prediction: Will have to beat out Ross Douglas, and former Cass Tech teammates Terry Richardson and Delonte Holloewll to earn a backup role and not redshirt.

19. Ross Douglas (5’10 180) Cb Comparison: (J.T. Floyd 6’0 183)

Douglas has to get bigger and stronger before he will see significant action. Floyd had two inches on him, but both have outstanding ball skills making it hard for receivers to catch the ball.

2013 Prediction: Either him or Jourdan Lewis will redshirt, not both.

20. Channing Stribbling (6’2 170) FS Comparison: (Tommy Hendricks 6’2 215)

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

21. Jaron Dukes (6’4 197) WR Comparison: (Greg Matthews 6’3 207)

Dukes, combined with Da’Mario Jones and Drake Harris next year will give Michigan plenty of options.

Not the flashiest, Matthews was Michigan’s top receiver during his junior and senior seasons that happened to be smack dab in the middle of the Rich Rodriguez era.

Dukes will be the first guy for Al Borges to turn to when Jones or Harris need a play of rest. With the capability to play outside or in the slot, Dukes should not have to worry about playing time by his junior and senior seasons after Jeremy Gallon, Joe Reynolds, and Drew Dileo graduate.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

22. Reon Dawson (6’2 175) CB Comparison: (Marlin Jackson 6’1 181)

Dawson will have to wait his turn early in his career, but with his height he should beat out future cornerbacks for an eventual starting role.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

23. Khalid Hill (6’2 230) TE Comparison: (Aaron Shea 6’5 251)

Hill is expected to play tight end and fullback as did Shea.

With a smaller build than Shea and most tight ends, Hill could take advantage of his speed.

With Devin Funchess, Jake Butt, and Ian Bunting (class of 2014) expected to be the rotation for years to come, Hill will have to earn any playing time he gets.

Maybe Hill will get partnered up with Shallman and Green in a full-house backfield in the future.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

24. Maurice Hurst Jr. (6’2 305) NT Comparison: (Rob Renes 6’1 288)

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

25. Csont’e York (6’3 185) WR Comparison: (Adrian Arrington 6’3 175)

Arrington was known as a solid receiver that was never the first target, but was efficient in his opportunities. With Drake Harris and Moe Ways coming next year, York will never be the top target but will be lined up. With his height, he will get some opportunities to play in the redzone later on in his career.

Similar to De’Veon Smith, York’s role is as important as any. He will be used to line up on the outside as a big receiver. If he puts on 10-20 pounds in the next three years, Al Borges will find a role for him.

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

26. Dan Samuelson (6’5 275) LG Comparison: (Joey Burzynski 6’1 291)

2013 Prediction: Redshirt

27. Scott Sypniewski (6’1 130) LS Comparison: (Jareth Glanda 6’3 246)

2013 Prediction: Redshirt


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