Quick Analysis Series: George Campbell

Michigan has become a powerhouse on the recruiting trail over the course of the last 2 years, and it only continued on Saturday July 27th, 2013 in the form of a commitment from George Campbell.
Campbell is a 6′-4 185 pound wide receiver that has 5 star potential, and is on the fast track to be the best receiver in his class, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if he ends up the best in class. I’m not sure if he is the best player in his class, but he sure has the potential to be the best wide out. He will get a lot of help on offense because of their playmakers in previous classes such as Drake Harris, Moe Ways, Derrick Green, Deveon Smith and the quarterback position in Shane Morris or Wilton Speight. With all the previous commits mentioned, Campbell will not be the only player that needs to be focused on, and that may be a scary thought for Defensive Coordinators across the country. This will allow Campbell to get separation from a defensive back easier because of the lack of defensive support a DB will get against a less-explosive offensive team.
Now to the good stuff; his abilities. Campbell has very legitimate size and speed for a wide receiver, and can change the pace of a game with one play. His size is what Offensive Coordinators drool over, and his speed is what they go to church for. Unreal speed and vertical ability makes Campbell a very solid “number one” option for Michigan, but think about this; He may not be that number one option until he’s a Junior or Senior because of Drake Harris. Talk about a scary offense.
The combination of size and speed makes almost anyone he’s matched up with a mismatch. He will go out and make plays that not many players can make as a wide receiver, and it sure is a luxury for quarterbacks and running backs to have a player like Campbell on their team.
He, however, is not perfect, even though it sounds like he’s close to it. If he cleans up his route running, Campbell will be a star, but if he doesn’t, he may struggle at times. I think his playmaking abilities truly outweigh the negatives, but it is still something to think about and sharpen up.
Overall, George Campbell is an absolute stud, and Hoke is at it again on the recruiting trail. Campbell is a fantastic recruit and he likely will take the reins from Michael Ferns and Shane Morris from the “recruiting general” (if you will) standpoint, and seemed to have quite the impact on a certain running back(s) in the 2015 class.
As always, Go Blue!
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